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Blockdaemon Ethereum Newsletter || November 2023

ETH Newsletter
Nov 16, 2023
Join us in this months Ethereum Newsletter. We'll be covering: Blockdaemon partnering with EigenLayer, Blockdaemon's Upgraded ETH Staking Rewards Dashboard and Ethereum validator sizes - and if will they affect you?

In this month’s newsletter:

  • Blockdaemon partnering with EigenLayer
  • Blockdaemon's Upgraded ETH Staking Rewards Dashboard
  • Ethereum validator sizes - will they affect you?

Institutional restaking with EigenLayer

Blockdaemon has partnered with EigenLayer and we participate actively in their Node Operator Working Group, providing feedback and guidance on aspects particularly relevant for our institutional customers.

Restaking doubles-down on a staker’s locked capital and offers the potential for increased returns, but comes with additional risk.

The highly anticipated EigenLayer is the first generalizable network providing programmable trust from Ethereum. Their new restaking primitive opens up a whole design space for innovative new projects to leverage staked ETH collateral for their security needs.

Blockdaemon's Upgraded ETH Staking Rewards Dashboard

We recently upgraded the Ethereum staking dashboard to provide clearer insights and better control over your staking operations.
Additionally, all validators launched via the Staking API or Blockdaemon App will be automatically added to your dashboard, with a reserved status shown even before onchain registration. 

If your organization could benefit from institutional staking tools, book a demo today!

Will changes to Ethereum validator sizes affect you?

In light of the upcoming 30-40% capacity reduction of the Activation Queue, you might have also come across EIP-7251. You might also be wondering, does the proposed “Increase [of] the Max_Effective_Balance” change anything for you as a staking entity?

Don’t worry, while a limit to the number of active validators would be beneficial to the network, this is only one of several possible protocol modifications currently being discussed.

Learn more in this FAQ and rest assured, we’ll keep you informed in this newsletter if and when any of this is taking more shape.

Image source: Slashing penalty analysis 

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