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Connect with multiple blockchains and platforms with a single API.

About our DeFi API

Our DeFi API stands as a comprehensive solution designed to facilitate seamless interactions across various DeFi platforms and blockchains. Known for its unparalleled integration and adaptability, our API ensures that users can navigate the complex landscape of decentralized finance with ease and efficiency.

Stargate + Blockdaemon Integration

With Stargate’s cutting-edge technology, Blockdaemon’s DeFi API allows DeFi users to perform flexible swaps of native assets across different blockchains in a single transaction. This integration makes our API the exclusive gateway for accessing Stargate’s community-owned unified liquidity pools, ensuring that cross-chain swaps and bridges are not only possible but streamlined and efficient. In a collaborative effort, Stargate will be the sole bridge utilized, setting a new standard for cross-chain interactions within the DeFi ecosystem and providing the security that customers look for.

What is Stargate?

Stargate serves as the premier decentralized application built upon the innovative LayerZero protocol. As a pioneering asset bridge, Stargate enables seamless cross-chain liquidity transfers with a unique capability: direct swaps of native tokens across different blockchains—no intermediary tokens required. For instance, users can effortlessly exchange USDC on Ethereum for USDT on BNB Chain in a single transaction. Stargate revolutionizes the concept of liquidity with its unified liquidity pool, which is shared across all integrated chains, enhancing efficiency and ensuring instant transaction finality.

DeFi API Supported Chains

Arbitrum One ARB
Avalanche AVAX
Ethereum ETH
Fantom FTM
Gnosis GNO
Mantle MTL
Moonbeam GLMR
Moonriver MOVR
Optimism OP
Polygon MATIC
Polygon zkEVM

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