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Un-compromised connectivity, security and performance.

Why Choose Blockdaemon's
Dedicated Nodes?

Blockdaemon is the leading independent multi-cloud, multi-geo blockchain infrastructure platform. Blockdaemon supports deployment on multiple clouds, in any supported region, with just a few clicks (see how to do it).

With Blockdaemon Dedicated Nodes, you help protocols to maintain their vision of optimized decentralization across distributed infrastructure providers and geography.

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Your Own Dedicated Node

Nodes and clusters deployed exclusively for your dedicated use. Outsourcing your node requirements to Blockdaemon removes your reliance on public infrastructure, or the ongoing challenges of node management.
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Flexible Deployment

Deploy nodes on major cloud and bare metal providers based on your regional preference. Remove node management overheads and deploy new nodes while remaining cost effective at every stage of your operation.
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Co-Branded Solutions

We can provide white label, dedicated nodes with co-branding opportunities available. This also includes the potential for coordinated announcements and joint PR campaigns.

Our nodes combine the sophistication of cloud infrastructure providers with the raw performance of bare metal, revolutionizing blockchain technology.

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Comprehensive Monitoring and Alerting

Your node is monitored throughout its lifecycle with our comprehensive tooling

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Bare Metal Resilience

The ultimate high-performance solution. Bare metal is ideal when you need performance, precise monitoring, with very specific requirements.

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Flexible Cloud Infrastructure

Blockdaemon uses multiple cloud providers across many geographic regions and networks, allowing you to spin up a node in your location and on a platform of choice.

What are Blockchain

A blockchain node is a computer that has been configured to participate in a blockchain network. The configuration process involves installing software on the computer which allows it to communicate with other nodes on the network. Setting up and maintaining blockchains nodes is a complicated and time intensive activity.

Blockdaemon Dedicated Nodes are fully managed blockchain nodes. You don’t need to worry about node maintenance, you just connect to the node and use it however you want.


With the launch of WASM smart contract in our multi-virtual machine environment, usage and building with reliable infrastructure partners are very important. Adding Blockdaemon as a partner will give our builders more opportunity to choose their favorite partner.

Maarten Henskens,
Chief Growth Officer
Astar Network

“As a leading crypto VC based in Asia, we have been collaborating with Blockdaemon since 2020. Blockdaemon is one of the leading node service providers with stability and smooth user experiences. Blockchain is the future and Blockdaemon will play an important part in shaping that future.”

Jacob Zhao
Portfolio Manager
Hashkey Capital

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