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What is Staking?

Staking involves allocating tokens to a validator node in proof-of-stake protocols, securing the network while aligning with individual incentives. Tokens are locked for a variable period, and successful validators earn the native cryptocurrency by processing transactions into blockchain blocks.

Why Should You Stake?

Long-term cryptocurrency holders often see staking as a means of utilizing their assets to generate rewards, instead of leaving them dormant in their digital wallets. Essentially, staking allows you to put your cryptocurrencies to work since unstaked tokens do not receive rewards. 

If you hold tokens on Proof-of-Stake blockchains, then you should consider staking. Not only will you receive rewards, but you will contribute to the overall network health and success.

Why Stake with Blockdaemon?

Staking with Blockdaemon is safe, reliable and backed by 100% slashing insurance guarantee. Blockdaemon is the choice for major financial institutions and has helped leading crypto and TradFi companies deploy $1+ billion worth of staking infrastructure to date.


Blockdaemon’s user-friendly node hosting services and secure institutional solutions make them a clear choice in the industry. I am very impressed with the Blockdaemon team’s expertise and quick response in helping with our overall operations. They are an excellent partner and have improved our staking operations as well as providing outstanding support for our portfolio companies.

Peter Yang,
Managing Director
Fenbushi Capital

As one of the top global-focused crypto VCs, we have been collaborating with Blockdaemon since 2020. Blockdaemon is one of the leading node service providers with stability and smooth user experiences. Blockchain is the future and Blockdaemon will play an important part in shaping that future.

Ryan Chen,
Portfolio Manager
Hashkey Capital

Supported Protocols

Decrease the time it takes to get staking rewards. Cut your costs, eliminate errors, and accelerate staking speed-to-market. Blockdaemon Stake lets you secure rewards by staking your crypto through a single platform. When you stake with Blockdaemon, you’re rewarded for contributing to blockchains such as Ethereum. The more coins you stake, the higher your rewards.