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Blockdaemon Ethereum Newsletter || August 2023 Activity at EthCC

Ethereum Newsletter
Aug 10, 2023
Join us in this months Ethereum Newsletter. In this month’s newsletter, we cover iur impressions from EthCC Paris, an explanation of Intents, Blockdaemon’s ETH Staking API breaking new records, and Ethereum Tops New Crypto ESG Ranking

In this month’s newsletter

  • Our impressions from EthCC Paris
  • An explanation of Intents
  • Blockdaemon’s ETH Staking API breaks new records
  • Ethereum Tops New Crypto ESG Ranking

A Trip to EthCC

EthCC Paris was as busy as ever this year - it has expanded to a fourth day and a second venue, but even more remarkable was the plethora of side events!

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There were very little bear market or regulatory concerns noticeable - and no standout topics. It was more a continuation of larger existing topics.

Bankless tweeted a good summary of the major announcements, and you can watch all talks online.

What's behind the hype about Intents?

Intents can be described as hardcoding outputs instead of inputs. By letting third-party solvers find the best way to execute a user’s intent, Intents promise to improve UX and to reduce MEV leakage significantly.

The concept is not new, for example, limit orders can be seen as an expression of intent.

In web3, intent adoption is growing rapidly, partly driven by ERC-4337. A number of projects are building protocols around intents, with the challenge of keeping everything decentralized.

Existing web3 applications can be found mainly in swaps (e.g. 1inch Fusionor CoW Swap) but also in Order Flow Auctions (e.g. Flashbots' MEV-share).

Other projects of note for the future would be e.g. Anoma and Flashbots' Suave.

Record ETH Staking API Performance

Blockdaemon’s Ethereum Staking API has experienced exponential growth over H1 - exceeding $650m of $ETH delegations.

Post Shapella, integrated clients have made significant delegations that have exponentially grown month over month.

Our staking API is now the central hub for all of our various ETH staking channels, which e.g. also include staking via MMI, our institutional liquid staking Portara, and very soon enabling one-click staking from ourBlockdaemon Wallet.

Ethereum Tops New Crypto ESG Rating

CCData’s inaugural ESG Benchmark has been compiled together with the Crypto Carbon Ratings Institute (CCRI). Together, they have evaluated 40 of the largest, most liquid digital assets assessing parameters such as decentralization, security, and climate impact.

Ethereum was the only blockchain that earned an AA grade, performing well in all three ESG factors, with e.g. Solana, Cardano, and Polkadot leading the followers. All of these protocols are available through our Blockdaemon Staking API.

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