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Blockdaemon Ethereum Newsletter || October 2023

Ethereum Newsletter
Oct 19, 2023
Join us in this months Ethereum Newsletter. We'll be covering: How to Stake Smartly Ahead of Queue Changes, MEV Revolution: Unveiling the New Supply Chain and Holesky's Next Step: The Staking Testnet Launch

In this month’s newsletter:

  • How to Stake Smartly Ahead of Queue Changes
  • MEV Revolution: Unveiling the New Supply Chain
  • Holesky's Next Step: The Staking Testnet Launch

How to Stake Smartly Ahead of Queue Changes

For the last five months, the Ethereum queue has meant stakers have needed to wait up to 45 days before earning rewards. Currently that queue is practically empty, so it’s a great time to stake. Even more so since the capacity of the Activation Queue (not the exit queue) will be reduced by 30-40% with the upcoming hard fork (expected this year).

This limit change from 13+ to 8 validators is designed to slow the growth of the validator set until other containment measures can be found.

Stake now to avoid getting caught in a new queue, particularly if $8,000 ETH price predictions gain traction!

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The New MEV Supply Chain

The previous Ethereum MEV supply chain model is outdated, the new model is described as a more complex “Transaction Supply Network” with the goal of an overall optimization for total wealth creation

Just look at the significant advancements of account abstraction and its impact on the topic of intents. Now combine it with the ever evolving MEV ecosystem, as recently manifested by the introduction of the MEVM and updates on SUAVE from Flashbots.

Reach out to learn what this means for you!

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New Holesky testnet launched for staking

On September 28 Holešky testnet launched for staking, infrastructure & protocol testing. This is planned to be a replacement for Goerli by the end of 2023 or Q1-2024. You can mint testnet tokens of no monetary value via this faucet (~15 min for 33 holETH). All links to block explorers, adding to Metamask etc. can also be found on the homepage. For testing dapps, smart contracts etc, please continue to use Sepolia.

Blockdaemon plans to support the new testnet by the end of the year and will keep you updated on Goerli depreciation.

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