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Blockdaemon Ethereum Newsletter || February 2024

Ethereum Newsletter
Feb 9, 2024
In this month's newsletter, learn how Blockdaemon optimizes your ETH rewards, the importance of Ethereum client diversity, and a look at Obol's Distributed Validator Technology (DVT).

In this month’s newsletter:

  • How Blockdaemon optimizes customer rewards
  • Client Diversity resurrected
  • Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) explained 

How Blockdaemon optimizes customer rewards

Currently there is a lot of talk about MEV latency games in order to increase validator rewards on Ethereum. And while we are responsibly engaged, there is also a lot more to it. Not just because the vast majority of total rewards are actually made up of Protocol Rewards, which benefit from our best-in-class infrastructure. But for institutional customers, compliance monitoring and risk diversification are just as important.
Contact us for more details on our holistic approach!

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Client Diversity resurrected

Nethermind experienced a critical bug on Jan 21st, leading validators unable to produce or attest to blocks for a few hours. This incident revived concerns about client diversity, in particular about the supermajority of Geth on the Execution Layer, which could have catastrophic consequences.
With Blockdaemon, you can run different clients already, and we are actively working to help reduce the risk for the network by migrating a number of existing staking customers from Geth to Besu.

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Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) explained 

DVT splits up the validator key into different parts, much like Blockdaemon MPC technology improves the safety in handling private keys of wallets. But there are various design considerations on how to implement these technologies. In their recent blog post, Obol explains their middleware-based DVT approach to ensure the core Ethereum properties of security, resiliency, and composability. The contrasting of alternative approaches is very educational!
Blockdaemon is just wrapping up large scale testing of Obol DVT - get in touch to learn more.

Image source: Obol Blog

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