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Choose from one of our turn-key wallet platforms, or build your own using the industry's most proven and trusted MPC technology and API suite.
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What is Blockdaemon Wallet?

Blockdaemon Wallet is our family of institutional-grade digital asset security and management offerings. Options range from our turn-key API or UI driven wallet platform with policy controls and advanced services integration to software development kits (SDKs) providing the core key management and protection to build your custom wallet or wallets as a service.

All Blockdaemon Wallet offerings are based on our patented Advanced MPC™ (Multi-Party Computation) technology to provide the security foundation for your Web3 and blockchain infrastructure and services.

Wallet Product Suite

More than just a MPC wallet, Blockdaemon Wallet is your institutional Web3 and blockchain command and control center.

Blockdaemon Wallet is currently available in two packages:

A self-hosted, digital asset wallet software platform, based on proven and trusted MPC technology and a cryptographically enforced policy engine. Support your institutional treasury, custody, tokenization and staking services with unrivaled security and control.

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Add Advanced MPC key management and protection technology to your custom wallet or wallet as a service. Builder Vault is hosted in your environment to provide a virtual Threshold Security Module (TSM) for your own wallet or custody platform development.

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Why Choose Blockdaemon Wallet?

Designed with industry leading custodians, Blockdaemon Wallet provides the highest levels of security and cryptographically enforced policies. This secure, accessible, and segregated wallet , gives your internal teams and custody clients superior digital asset liquidity.


Security is priority # 1, 2, and 3 for institutional wallets, and Blockdaemon Wallet delivers. 

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Security from External Threats

Blockdaemon Wallet provides four primary levels of security, starting with a foundation built on Advanced MPC(™), eliminating single point of failures for robust defense against the most skilled adversaries.

Security from Internal Threats

Blockdaemon Wallet supports a true institutional grade policy engine, allowing you to create fine-grained policy controls to protect against the threat of malicious or compromised insiders.

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Security from Unintended Actions

Being human means mistakes can happen. Blockdaemon Wallet’s advanced levels of integration and automation reduce the probability of human error, and policy controls with multiple levels of approval reduce the probability of unintended actions executing.

Industry Proven

Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet is trusted by the leading blockchain custodians.

Industry Proven, Trusted by Leading Institutions
Elevate your blockchain infrastructure with a solution that meets the rigorous demands of institutional clients.Top banks and financial firms trust Institutional Wallet for its unmatched security and control. Our patented Advanced MPC technology sets the industry standard for digital asset protection.

Why Choose Blockdaemon?

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Blockdaemon's crypto infrastructure is engineered for maximum security.

  • Our bare metal nodes use only the best data centers and are ISO 27001 certified.

  • Your nodes are safe, with 50+ terabit DDoS protection - this ensures bad actors can’t take your nodes offline or impact your rewards.

  • Our cloud nodes are decentralized across 10 top-tier hosting partners with institutional-grade security, including Google, Amazon and IBM.

Two overlapping clouds

Our scalable and redundant infrastructure operates with 99.9% uptime.

  • Our nodes are fully managed by our expert team of engineers, from the software stack all the way down to the cloud instances and bare metal hardware

  • We manage all node updates, so you don’t have to.

  • You enjoy the best possible blockchain service, led by our full-time team of infrastructure experts.

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Blockdaemon is ISO 27001 certified, meeting the highest compliance standards.

  • Rigorous policies are ensured by our Chief Compliance Officer & dedicated team

  • We assess on-chain behavioral indicators and perform risk scoring

  • Blockdaemon’s Comprehensive Compliance Program includes risk based KYC diligence, sanctions screening and Anti-Money Laundering monitoring

Blockdaemon Wallet

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