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Blockdaemon Ethereum Newsletter || January 2024

Ethereum Newsletter
Jan 16, 2024
Learn about Ethereum's 2024 developments, Vitalik’s updated Ethereum roadmap, and the Dencun hard fork testnet timeline.

In this month’s newsletter:

  • Top news of 2023 that will shape 2024
  • Vitalik’s updated Ethereum roadmap
  • Dencun hard fork testnet timeline

Top news of 2023 that will shape 2024

While I am still chugging through the 193 pages of Messari’s Crypto Theses for 2024, let’s start things off with news highlights of 2023, which will influence the expected 2024 bull market.

The top 4 projects that will continue to dominate headlines, taken from the DeFi newsletter The Decentralised:

Most importantly, we support YOU with all your institutional blockchain endeavors in 2024!

Image source: @BlockdaemonHQ on X 

Vitalik’s updated Ethereum roadmap

With the latest update, it becomes visually clear once again that there is still a lot of innovation and development happening in the Ethereum space. When Vitalik first talked about this roadmap in July 2022, he suggested that after the Merge, Ethereum would only be 55% complete. So are we at ~60% yet with Shapella done?
Anyway, great progress last year and lots to do, let’s go! 💪

Image source: Vitalik’s tweet on X 

Dencun hard fork testnet timeline 

Shortly before the holidays, the Ethereum core devs announced the following testnet schedule for the upcoming Dencun fork:

  • Goerli: Jan 17, 6:32:00 UTC
  • Sepolia: Jan 30, 22:51:12 UTC
  • Holesky: Feb 7, 11:34:24 UTC 

Assuming all goes well, this points to a Dencun Mainnet release in March (~4+ weeks after last testnet).

The main benefit will come once L2’s adopt the newly introduced proto-danksharding in order to reduce gas costs, and the activation queue capacity will be temporarily reduced to 8 validators per epoch.

Image source: Github of EIP-7569

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