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Blockdaemon Ethereum Newsletter || March 2024

Ethereum Newsletter
Mar 15, 2024
In this month's newsletter, learn about Institutional L2s, recent EigenLayer developments, and a brief recap of ETH Denver.

In this month’s newsletter:

  • Dencun Hard Fork success
  • Institutional L2s as the new private blockchains?
  • Partnering with the EigenLayer restaking ecosystem
  • Optimistic moods and sunny skies at EthDenver

Dencun Hard Fork Success!

The Dencun hard fork on Ethereum Mainnet was successful! Blockdaemon continues to monitor post-fork and is in touch with relay providers to monitor any planned/unplanned effects to the MEV pipeline. For our staking customers, there aren’t many relevant changes in Dencun fork’s scope. However, the activation queue capacity has been reduced to a fixed rate of 8 validators per epoch (from 14). It will be interesting to see if the validator queue becomes congested again.

Institutional L2s as the new private blockchains?

Institutions from the traditional finance industry are thinking about how to engage in the web3 industry, but obviously in a regulatory compliant manner. And increasingly, they see the quickly developing L2 technology stack as a middle ground between historically failed private consortia chains and public blockchains like Ethereum. Setting L2s up for full control in a public permissioned way, these institutions can benefit from the interoperability, EVM network effects and the advanced development tooling. 

Reach out to discuss your use cases and current hurdles, and learn how Blockdaemon has existing solutions for most components needed to launch a successful institutional L2! 

Image source: Blockdaemon

Partnering with the EigenLayer restaking ecosystem

At Blockdaemon, we are very excited about the quickly developing restaking ecosystem. As an early partner of EigenLayer, we are well prepared to answer any of your questions!

For institutional stakers, starting next week we’ll have native restaking integrated into the Ethereum staking flow in our Blockdaemon App. 

For LRTs and AVSs we offer our extensive infrastructure knowledge and relationships along with our institutional-grade security and processes to help you succeed and stay safe.
Check out our new EigenLayer website, restaking video and step-by-step docs guide - and get in touch to discuss a partnership!

Image source: Blockdaemon’s restaking guide

Optimistic moods and sunny skies at EthDenver

The feeling of a prolonged bull market makes funding easier for new projects and lets existing projects think about expansion and token launches, points and airdrops, so there were a lot of happy faces to be seen in Denver.
One major topic in focus was restaking, with EigenLayer hosting side events practically every day and many AVSs and LRTs presenting themselves and gearing up for launch over the coming weeks and months. Reach out to learn more!
Another big topic was MEV latency optimization, the ever evolving MEV supply chain and potential mitigations from the Ethereum protocol side.

You can catch all talks from the busy official schedule of the event on EthDenver’s YouTube.
But a lot of expert content is really only to be caught on the 350+ side events.

Image source: EthDenver side events on

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