Benefits of Blockdaemon Wallet


Protected by multiple layers of advanced security

Security is priority # 1, 2, and 3 for institutional wallets and Blockdaemon Wallet delivers.
Security from External Threats

Blockdaemon Wallet provides four primary levels of security, starting with a foundation built on Advanced MPC™, eliminating single point of failures for robust defense against the most skilled adversaries.

Security from Internal Threats

Blockdaemon Wallet supports a true institutional grade policy engine, allowing you to create fine-grained policy controls to protect against the threat of malicious or compromised insiders.

Security from Unintended Actions

Being human means we make mistakes. Blockdaemon Wallet’s advanced levels of integration and automation reduce the probability of human error, and policy controls with multiple levels of approval reduce the probability of unintended actions executing.

Not Just MPC, Advanced MPC™

Blockdaemon Wallet is based on our patented Advanced MPC™ key management and protection technology. Blockdaemon’s world-renowned MPC cryptographers have been working together on commercial MPC solutions since 2008. Advanced MPC builds upon this extraordinary base of experience and expertise to deliver the world’s most trusted MPC key management and protection technology, for security you can trust!

Advanced MPC provides the industry’s highest performance MPC key management and protection system, with industry leading scale and low latency. Performance is important, but security should be the first priority. Our MPC technology has been battle tested with years of commercial deployment by many of the world’s largest and most discerning crypto native and tier 1 TradFi institutions. Advanced MPC has undergone years of rigorous and exhaustive reviews by highly respected cryptography and security experts like NCC Group and CryptoExperts.

With Blockdaemon Advanced MPC, institutions are free to focus on innovation and rapid market execution, with confidence you are deploying the most secure, proven, and trusted MPC wallet technology available.

Policy Controls

Fine-grained policy controls

Control is the next highest wallet priority for serious institutions and Blockdaemon Wallet delivers.

Blockdaemon Wallet’s Policy Engine gives you the flexibility to create fine-grained controls over who approves each transaction, and under what conditions. Administrators can define policies based on users, groups, asset types, source wallets, destination wallets and other parameters. Multi-asset wallet support empowers wallet administrators to apply policies uniformly or selectively for each digital asset type.

Blockdaemon takes security of policies to new layers, by locally storing policies with each MPC key share and protecting the policies with MPC security. Policies are then cryptographically enforced, to assure that transactions are signed only after all applicable policies have been enforced, eliminating blind signing that exists with many alternative systems.

Transaction approvals can be conducted using programmatic APIs, manual approvers, or a combination of both. This flexibility, combined with the cryptographically secure and enforced policies allows for the blurring of traditional boundaries between hot and cold storage, enabling more digital assets to be held online for greater liquidity, and reduced operational expense.


100% Self-Hosted For Operational Independence

Operational independence has become a critical priority for many institutions and Blockdaemon Wallet delivers.

Blockdaemon Wallet is 100% self-hosted, meaning you are in total and exclusive control over your private keys, policies, and the wallet infrastructure. This level of autonomous control assures you have the ability to sustain secure operations and services, without any co-dependencies on your wallet service or technology provider.

Blockdaemon never holds or sees any key shares, never has access to or sees your policies (unless if you request and share), and has no visibility to or control over your wallet infrastructure. This eliminates any co-dependencies or concerns over relying on your wallet partner to maintain independent operations.

Build your castle in our Sandbox!

Wallet Sandbox allows your team to evaluate the operational and administrative experience before you deploy your own wallet. It also provides a safe and effective training environment for onboarding your users as you expand your team after you’ve made your purchase decision.

Wallet Sandbox is a personalized, cloud-hosted instance of Blockdaemon Wallet’s policy engine and user interface. One-time access is granted to approved requestors for a 30 day period. We can also set up multiple evaluators from your company, so you can explore the Wallet Sandbox together, form teams to test quorum approvals, and more.

Curious and want to know more before activating your 30 day evaluation? Contact one of our sales representatives to request a live and interactive demonstration of the wallet.

Speak With A Representative

Ready to kick the tires? We invite you to request your 30 day Wallet Sandbox access when you are ready to actively evaluate Blockdaemon Wallet. Please complete the following form and we’ll get back to you with next steps. 

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Blockdaemon Wallet also supports a Deployment Sandbox, giving your team the freedom to test drive the user experience of spinning up wallet infrastructure and configuring the system before you turn up your live system, creating a safe environment for evaluating and practicing system deployment. Contact your sales representative for more information.