Security Benefits

Enjoy the accessibility of online wallets and the security of cold storage by leveraging multiple layers of advanced security.


Protected by multiple layers of advanced security

Multi Factor Authentication

Multi Factor Authentication raises barriers to hackers

2FA - PC & Mobile

Seamlessly sync your devices for an additional layer of security through two-factor authentication.

4 Digit PIN

Quickly authenticate with a unique 4-digit PIN, ensuring swift yet secure access.

Biometric Authentication

Experience state-of-the-art security by integrating your biological distinctiveness into your access protocols.

Policy Protection

PolicyProtect™ applies a 2nd layer of MPC to protect policies for unmatched security

Protect against Policy Hacks

Boost your defense against unauthorized alterations, safeguarding your policy's integrity.

Eliminate Blind Signing

Stay informed with every transaction detail, eradicating the risks of hidden or unintended actions.

Policy Engine

Policy Engine enforces policies for transactions, staking and more


Establish a consensus among user groups for critical actions, enhancing decision-making security.


Ensure every operational box is ticked, driving efficient and secure workflows.


Optimize operations with our robust policy engine, ensuring seamless yet secure processes.


Set predefined conditions for automatic policy enforcement, giving you peace of mind in every transaction.

MPC Key Protection

Advanced MPC™ protects against key theft and misuse by eliminating existence of a complete key

Distributed Key Generation

Keys are created collaboratively, ensuring no single entity has total control, fortifying security.

Distributed Key Storage

Your key components are stored separately, making unauthorized access nearly impossible.

Distributed Key Usage

Execute transactions with multiple parties involved, ensuring secure and collaborative actions.

Secure Enclave

Confidential Compute hosting for security even in untrusted environments (optional)

Secure Compute Enclaves

Execute your operations in isolated environments, ensuring utmost protection against external threats.

Remote Attestation

Validate the integrity and authenticity of your computing environment from anywhere, anytime.

Secure Injection

Introduce new data securely, ensuring every piece of information remains uncompromised.

Revolutionize Cold Storage

Maximize cold storage security and efficiency, with transparency and accountability!

Air-Gapped Key Storage & Signing
MPC Protected Private Keys & Policies
Flexible Quorum Approvals, Biometric Authentications
Detailed Audit Logs
Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet
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Not Just MPC, Advanced MPC™

Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet is based on our patented Advanced MPC™ key management and protection technology. Blockdaemon’s world-renowned MPC cryptographers have been working together on commercial MPC solutions since 2008. Advanced MPC builds upon this extraordinary base of experience and expertise to deliver the world’s most trusted MPC key management and protection technology, for security you can trust!

Advanced MPC provides the industry’s highest performance MPC key management and protection system, with industry leading scale and low latency. Performance is important, but security should be the first priority. Our MPC technology has been battle tested with years of commercial deployment by many of the world’s largest and most discerning crypto native and tier 1 TradFi institutions. Advanced MPC has undergone years of rigorous and exhaustive reviews by highly respected cryptography and security experts like NCC Group and CryptoExperts.

With Blockdaemon Advanced MPC, institutions are free to focus on innovation and rapid market execution, with confidence you are deploying the most secure, proven, and trusted MPC wallet technology available.

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