Maximum Security and Control

Institutional Wallet is a fully self-hosted wallet with Advanced MPC security and no dependencies on any other party for digital asset custody and self-custody.

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Allowing you to secure and manage digital assets with benefits such as:

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Bring the security of cold storage to your online wallets.

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Control every aspect of transaction approvals with cryptographically enforced policies.

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Hold more assets online for more liquid and compelling services.

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Manage every asset with consistency and automation.

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Move assets from “cold” to hot wallets in minutes vs. hours or days.

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Business Risk

100% self-hosted gives you complete control and zero third-party dependencies.

Use Cases
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Decentralize management and control of your treasury wallets with cryptographically enforced policies you can trust.

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Automate trading with programmatic APIs and low-latency MPC approvals for a competitive edge.

Secure bank vault.

Provide regulated custody services with industry leading scale, efficiency, and liquidity.


Optimized for Institutions Requiring...

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The Highest Levels of Security

Built for institutions who manage millions to billions of dollars in asset value. No complete key ever exists on any device, at any time, throughout the entire lifecycle of a private key - eliminating single points of failure. Learn more about security ->

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The Highest Levels of Control

Built for institutions who need both customized and universal policies to manage large numbers of wallets with different levels of temperature controls. Learn more about control ->

100% Operational Independence

Built for institutions who value complete and exclusive control over their keys, policies, and the entire wallet infrastructure. Learn more about independence ->

Integrated Staking

Built for institutions who want to seamlessly earn rewards on assets under custody with a common wallet dashboard and similar policy controls. Learn more about Integrated Staking ->

Secure bank vault.
Secure Compute

Built for institutions who want to maximize their security of policies and keys even when hosting in public, untrusted environments. Learn more about Secure Compute ->

Finally, one desktop wallet supporting all of your institutional digital assets while setting new industry benchmarks for security and control.

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Reimagine Institutional Liquidity with Blockdaemon Wallet

Enjoy exponentially higher levels of digital asset liquidity, while simultaneously reducing operational costs. Its time to reimagine your institutional liquidity with Blockdaemon Wallet.

Most institutions struggle to store and manage digital assets in a manner that is both highly secure and accessible. The systems and processes that prevent unauthorized access or theft of digital assets also make these assets inaccessible and illiquid to legitimate custody clients and institutional users. With regulations increasingly mandating segregated wallets for custody, this situation becomes increasingly unmanageable.

Designed in close collaboration with major custodians, Blockdaemon Wallet combines multiple layers of security with cryptographically enforced policies to provide a wallet with the security and controls of cold storage, and the online accessibility of hot wallets.  

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-> Self-service Support for All ERC-20 Tokens

Blockdaemon Wallet

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Why Choose Blockdaemon?

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Blockdaemon's crypto infrastructure is engineered for maximum security.

  • Our bare metal nodes use only the best data centers and are ISO 27001 certified.

  • Your nodes are safe, with 50+ terabit DDoS protection - this ensures bad actors can’t take your nodes offline or impact your rewards.

  • Our cloud nodes are decentralized across 10 top-tier hosting partners with institutional-grade security, including Google, Amazon and IBM.

Two overlapping clouds

Our scalable and redundant infrastructure operates with 99.9% uptime.

  • Our nodes are fully managed by our expert team of engineers, from the software stack all the way down to the cloud instances and bare metal hardware

  • We manage all node updates, so you don’t have to.

  • You enjoy the best possible blockchain service, led by our full-time team of infrastructure experts.

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Blockdaemon is ISO 27001 certified, meeting the highest compliance standards.

  • Rigorous policies are ensured by our Chief Compliance Officer & dedicated team

  • We assess on-chain behavioral indicators and perform risk scoring

  • Blockdaemon’s Comprehensive Compliance Program includes risk based KYC diligence, sanctions screening and Anti-Money Laundering monitoring