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EigenLayer Restaking Successfully Launches Stage 2

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Apr 9, 2024

EigenLayer completed Stage 2 Mainnet Launch on April 9th, 2024, delivering another significant milestone for the entire Ethereum restaking ecosystem. 

Prior to this, Stage 1 (deployed in June 2023) only allowed restakers to commit capital into EigenLayer in exchange for their “points”.

As part of Stage 2, the EigenLayer webapp has been updated to include a discovery page for AVSs and operators. The new functionality also introduces EigenDA, the first Actively Validated Service (AVS) from the EigenLabs team. Operators can support this and other AVSs expected to go live over the coming weeks by running infrastructure for these protocols. Restakers can now delegate their funds to their preferred node operator to provide the AVSs with the economic security of their (re)staking collateral. Missing are onchain slashing and reward mechanisms which are scheduled for stage 3 (expected Q3-2024).

High-level illustration of the full protocol interactions:

Blockdaemon has gathered valuable experience as an early supporter of the EigenLayer testnet. Blockdaemon was in the active set of EigenDA on Goerli (now sunsetted) and remained active throughout the transition to Holesky.

Blockdaemon also operates an EigenLayer Mainnet validator, currently supporting EigenDA AVS. If you are interested in exploring our Blockdaemon validator, click here.

For institutions looking to stake and restake their ETH, Blockdaemon offers convenient single-click restaking via the Blockdaemon App. 

Blockdaemon is supporting LRTs and AVSs as a node operator: (more to be announced soon!)

Follow us on social media for more details and support announcements coming soon (X / LinkedIn).

Blockdaemon continues to actively seek LRT & AVS partnerships. We also offer white-label B2B2C restaking services for wallets and custodians.

Contact us today to learn more. 


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