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Blockdaemon Adds Single-Click EigenLayer Restaking

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Mar 18, 2024
We’re excited to introduce single-click Eigenlayer restaking service to our upgraded in-app experience.

Blockdaemon has added single-click support for Eigenlayer as part of a significant upgrade to the staking flow design in the Blockdaemon App. The new UI makes it easier and more intuitive than ever to stake and restake using the Blockdaemon app.

Visit the Blockdaemon App to see all the changes and experience the new flow for yourself. 

How to Restake

From today, institutions can use the Blockdaemon app to restake their ETH and start receiving EigenLayer restaked points. 

We’ve taken the complexity out of restaking for you by managing it in one seamless flow: 

  1. Toggle to enable EigenLayer restaking in the ETH stake flow, hit stake.
  2. Blockdaemon crafts a transaction which:
    1. Creates an EigenPod for you if you don’t have one, or, if you already have an EigenPod we’ll find it and set it as your withdrawal address. Your EigenPod manages your withdrawal status and validator balance. 
    2. Uses a smart contract to enable batch depositing to your ETH validators to minimize gas fees.
  3. You’re presented with a transaction to review and sign.

You’ve enabled restaking! Once you activate your stake at you will begin earning EigenLayer restaked points.  

Why Choose Blockdaemon for EigenLayer Restaking? 

Restaking ETH typically involves a number of technical hurdles including navigating multiple web applications, greatly increasing the margin of error. Blockdaemon offers an easy-to-use interface, simplifying the restaking process to just a single click.

Learn more about how it works and what we can do for you

Enabling restaking when staking ETH in the Blockdaemon App is really as simple as flipping a switch. But if you’d like to learn more about it, check out our blog “Institutional restaking with EigenLayer”, the restaking video, and step-by-step docs guide. 

At Blockdaemon, we are very excited about the quickly developing restaking ecosystem. As an early partner of EigenLayer, we are well prepared to answer any of your questions!

And if you’re a part of the quickly evolving restaking ecosystem, e.g. as an LST/LRT, AVS, or restaking service provider, check out our new EigenLayer website, and get in touch to discuss a partnership!


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