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Digital Asset Custody: Harnessing the Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet

Aug 31, 2023
Discover the future of digital asset custody with Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet™. Elevate security, streamline staking, and ensure top-tier compliance. Embrace innovation and optimize your crypto assets. Book a demo now to transform your custodianship strategy.

In the rapidly-evolving crypto landscape, digital asset optimization has become a focal point, with staking playing a pivotal role. As a custodian, rising to meet this market demand positions you at the forefront of innovation. 

However, the custody of digital assets demands an unprecedented level of security and efficiency. As a crypto custodian, you understand the constant pressure to adapt, innovate, and stay ahead of evolving market needs. The perfect tool to meet this challenge? Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet™, using Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and integrated Ethereum staking. 

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How You Benefit From Blockdaemon Institutional WalletTM

Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet™ empowers custodians to offer secure and reliable custody services to their clients. With our state-of-the-art security features, support for segregated wallets, custodian-defined policies, and 100% self-hosting, custodians can manage their clients' digital assets confidently while ensuring full regulatory compliance and adherence to industry standards and regulations.

Blockdaemon Institutional WalletTM: The Pillar of Your Staking Strategy

The crypto ecosystem thrives on interdependence, where custodians hold assets crucial for staking providers, and providers possess the necessary infrastructure for custodians. This symbiosis is fully harnessed with the Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet™, creating a mutually beneficial environment for all.

Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet™ solution seamlessly complements your digital asset custodial service. Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet™ with integrated Ethereum staking is designed to work in harmony with your infrastructure, setting the stage for you to excel in your custodial and staking services.

By choosing Blockdaemon, staking Ethereum directly from your wallet is now a streamlined, intuitive process

Gone are the days of complex manual procedures and reliance on third-party applications. Now, you can access the staking functionality with just a single click, directly interfacing with Blockdaemon validator nodes.

The result? A time-efficient, hassle-free staking experience that lets you focus on what truly matters – overseeing your clients' digital assets. 

Uncompromised Security and Regulatory Compliance in Digital Asset Custody

Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet™ employs the robust capabilities of Multi-Party Computation (MPC)

This adoption of MPC technology results in a model where users, including custodians, retain ultimate control and ownership of their assets, blending the safety of self-custody with the simplicity of external services. Thus, Blockdaemon bolsters security for its users without holding or managing any portion of the users' private keys. This ensures that users always maintain ownership, achieving an optimal mix of security, privacy, and ease-of-use. The solution caters perfectly to those who value top-tier security and user autonomy.

The Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet™ also brings robust security and stringent regulatory compliance to your staking strategy. Blockdaemon is ISO 27001 certified and SOC 2 standards aligned, ensuring the highest levels of compliance. Blockdaemon’s comprehensive AML/KYC policy further enhances trust in your services by adhering to global and local regulations.

Control, Transparency, and Reporting in Digital Asset Custody

Institutional-grade staking shouldn't come with institutional-grade costs. That's why Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet™ offers industry-leading fees, with a monthly platform fee structured to facilitate the level of service you require. 

The savings extend to the time saved in logistics, infrastructure, and engineering resources, all of which are critical resources that you can re-invest into your business. 

The Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet™ is more than a staking platform – it's a control center for your Ethereum assets. It gives you the power to create policies to regulate staking and unstaking activities, ensuring you have the final say in approving these actions. 

The feature-rich platform also offers detailed staking reporting, providing visibility into all staking events within each account. With Blockdaemon, you don't just stay in control – you stay informed. 

Conclusion: The Future of Digital Asset Custody with Blockdaemon

In the realm of digital asset custodianship, not only safeguarding but also optimizing assets has become imperative. Integrating Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet™ with Ethereum staking into your strategy provides you with robust tools, top-tier security, and strategic advantages. 

The future of digital asset custody lies in leveraging technology to enhance security, streamline processes, and optimize returns. Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet™, with its integrated Ethereum staking, exemplifies this vision. Embrace the future, harness the power of one-click staking, and propel your digital asset custody to new heights. 

With Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet™, the future of digital asset custodianship is in your hands.

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