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Builder Vault Self-Service Sandbox Release

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Feb 13, 2024
Blockdaemon's Builder Vault Self-Service Sandbox allows you to test-drive our world-class threshold cryptography services.

Welcome to the latest offering from Blockdaemon: the Builder Vault Self-Service Sandbox. This initiative allows you to test-drive our world-class threshold cryptography services. For 30 days, at no cost, experience the robust security and flexibility that Builder Vault offers

This trial is tailor-made for developers requiring institutional-grade cryptographic services with multiparty control. These services are essential for applications that banks and financial institutions use. However, our solution fits the needs of both emerging Web3 startups and leading security-focused institutions. 

Access our self-service sandbox by registering today, or read on to learn more about why you should choose Blockdaemon Builder Vault. 

Why Use Blockdaemon Builder Vault? 

Builder Vault excels as a virtual key management and protection system. At its core, Builder Vault leverages Multi-Party Computation (MPC). This technology offers two pivotal benefits.

First, MPC eliminates single point failure vulnerabilities. Traditional systems often falter due to a single compromised component. Builder Vault changes this narrative. It ensures no complete private key exists on any single device throughout the key's lifecycle. This approach significantly heightens security. It prevents any single party from misusing the key, either through hacking or malicious intent.

Second, MPC enforces multiparty control. With Builder Vault, a private key requires multiple parties for activation. This cryptographic enforcement mandates that predefined parties collaborate for key operations. This process includes signature creation and critical text decryption. Notably, this multiparty control integrates seamlessly with applications. It eliminates the need for additional software layers to manage multiparty key control.

These features position Builder Vault as a robust solution in virtual key management. They offer an enhanced security framework, vital for institutions prioritizing asset protection and control.

For a full breakdown of why you should choose Builder Vault for your business, check out our video

Getting Started with the Builder Vault Sandbox

Builder Vault offers customers a self-hosted software and SDK package. This setup suits production deployment perfectly. It grants you complete and exclusive control over your cryptographic operations.

However, to simplify your evaluation process, we introduce our cloud-hosted sandbox service. The sandbox includes three MPC nodes configured as a threshold security module (TSM) supporting Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) for verifiable digital signature services using either a 2 of 3, or 3 of 3 approval scheme. It allows you to test and understand our offering without deploying your own system. 

Our sandbox provides an accessible, cloud hosted evaluation environment. Here, you can explore the full range of Builder Vault's features. Test-drive the power and flexibility of our platform before committing to a full deployment.

This approach ensures you make an informed decision about integrating Builder Vault into your system. It reflects our commitment to providing solutions that fit your specific needs and scenarios.

Register now and begin your 30-day trial, with immediate access. 


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