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Builder Vault Self-Service Sandbox Registration

Are you ready to test drive Blockdaemon Builder Vault? If so, you’re in the right place

Builder Vault Sandbox allows you to set up and evaluate Builder Vault to determine if it’s a great solution fit for your mission-critical application. You can evaluate it free for up to 30 days. Simply complete the registration form below to begin the process.
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About Builder Vault

Builder Vault uses MPC to generate, store, and use public/private key pairs for multiparty controlled verifiable digital signatures, encryption/decryption services and more. While it is commonly integrated into digital asset wallets for multiparty controlled transaction signing, Builder Vault is application agnostic and can provide multiparty controlled cryptographic services for a wide range of applications. Check out the Builder Vault Data Sheet for more information.

What’s Included?

Builder Vault Sandbox includes 3 MPC nodes that are hosted by Blockdaemon in AWS and accessible for your use as a 2 of 3 party or 3 of 3 party cryptographic operations service (signing/decryption). SDKs will be available for integration into your applications, allowing different parties to interact with and initiate their approval to collectively approve and sign a transaction or decrypt ciphertext.

What You Need to Know

Builder Vault Sandbox is an evaluation resource only and must not be used for live applications or services. It is critical to note that the Builder Vault Sandbox database will be reset periodically to maintain efficient operations. It is critical to back up generated key shares to avoid any losses resulting from database resets.

The MPC nodes are a shared resource, but each party will only have access and visibility to keys and services associated with their user account. Throughput will be limited to assure that all users have a consistent and positive user experience.

Curious to learn more. Check out our Getting Started Guide to get a better idea of what’s included and what’s required on your part. 

Self-Service Builder Vault Sandbox Registration

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