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Announcing Support for Soroban

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Feb 20, 2024
Blockdaemon announces support for Soroban, Stellar's smart contract platform, offering unique API access for Soroban's native RPC methods to facilitate seamless development on Stellar. This marks a continuation of Blockdaemon's strategic partnership with Stellar, showcasing a long-term commitment to supporting the ecosystem with scalable, efficient tools for developers and institutions.

Today, Blockdaemon is excited to announce support for Soroban, the smart contract layer of the Stellar blockchain.

In addition to Stellar nodes and APIs, Blockdaemon now offers API access for Soroban’s native RPC methods. This is unique in the market and ensures that institutions and developers have the tools they need for seamless, efficient development on Stellar. With this, users can now access a robust, scalable API to support their Soroban projects. 

Until June 2024, you can also join the waitlist to access Blockdaemon's Soroban RPC for free for up to 4 months. To apply, check out the application page with full details and conditions, or read on to learn more.

Blockdaemon & Stellar’s Long-Term Strategic Partnership

Blockdaemon has championed Stellar since 2018, marking the start of a strategic and long-term partnership. This began with launching node deployment support for Stellar. In 2019, we reached a significant milestone by launching full tier-1 validator support for Stellar. Blockdaemon was the first institutional-grade provider to support full history nodes on Stellar, demonstrating our unique expertise as a professional provider and our commitment to the ecosystem at an early stage.

In 2022, Blockdaemon's support extended to over 15 leading institutions, including banks, exchanges, fintechs, and custodians building on Stellar. Our Chief Engineer shared insights at Meridian 2022, highlighting the significance of the project’s singular approach to decentralization.

In 2023, Blockdaemon entered a strategic partnership to become an RPC provider for Soroban. We stood out as the only validator on the network with a consistent 30-day availability of 100% and the highest mark (index=1) for reliability and updates. This achievement reflects the work our teams have put into supporting Stellar’s continued success.

Today, our partnership continues to grow. We remain dedicated to evolving our support for Stellar, ensuring that our clients have access to the protocol’s secure, reliable, and scalable solutions.

What is Soroban?

Soroban is Stellar's smart contracts platform. On February 20th 2024, validators voted to upgrade to Protocol 20, introducing smart contracts on Stellar Mainnet and beginning a phased rollout. It offers a Rust-based environment designed with developers in mind. Its features focus on ease of use, scalability, and seamless integration with the Stellar blockchain. 

Soroban's architecture ensures that developers can build scalable and efficient smart contracts. These contracts complement Stellar's strengths in payments and real-work asset (RWAs) tokenization. Soroban enables developers to explore new possibilities and build complex, reliable solutions on a scalable platform.

How to Get API Access to Soroban 

Apply for API access to Soroban by submitting your information to apply for coupons to access a free institutional-grade RPC endpoint for up to 4 months. 

RPC, or Remote Procedure Call, methods enable direct interaction with the Soroban platform. This allows anyone to retrieve data and query the blockchain with efficiency and precision. 

Blockdaemon's support for Soroban via RPC methods enriches our offerings for both Stellar and Soroban developers. It ensures they have the on-demand tools needed for building sophisticated, scalable services, such as wallets, applications, explorers, and more. This support not only simplifies the development process but also opens up new avenues for innovation. Developers can now focus more on creating value and less on the complexities of blockchain interaction.

This commitment to supporting Soroban underscores our dedication to empowering developers with state-of-the-art tools and services.

A Soroban API for Stellar Developers

Native API support for RPC methods brings key advantages to developers working with Soroban. This support streamlines integration, ensuring developers can easily connect their applications with Stellar's smart contracts platform. The ease of integration saves valuable time and resources, allowing developers to focus on building and refining their dApps.


As dApps grow and user bases expand, the need for scalable solutions becomes paramount. Blockdaemon’s API support for Soroban’s RPC methods meets this need head-on. It allows for efficient handling of increased transaction volumes and complex operations without compromising performance.


Blockdaemon’s API significantly simplifies development on Soroban. Developers gain immediate access to high quality blockchain data without the need to operate or self-host infrastructure.


On-demand access, dedicated sales and technical support, and 24/7 on-call incidence support for enterprise clients - all with 99.9% uptime.


Blockdaemon's ongoing support for the Stellar ecosystem, from our early days launching full nodes to our latest offering with Soroban highlights our commitment to providing secure, reliable, and comprehensive Stellar services. 

Sign up to the waitlist to access Blockdaemon's Soroban RPC for free for up to 4 months. Submit your information below and apply for coupons to access a free institutional-grade RPC endpoint. For full details and conditions, check out the application page.


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