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Access Without the Infrastructure

Blockdaemon's API Suite is available in three price tiers, catering for different usage and demand. You can now choose the perfect API tier option to suit your needs and start building winning blockchain apps.


Get started with the most flexible Blockchain APIs today.

Best suited for building blockchain projects.

Up to 3M Compute Units
Access to 20+ Protocols
25 Requests per Second.
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Grow your business with access to higher usage, scalability, and support.

Used by trading desks and digital asset investment platforms.

Up to 30M Compute Units
Access to 20+ Protocols
100 Requests per Second
Compute Unit Overages: $0.08/1K CUs
Standard Support
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Custom pricing for the fastest access to battle-tested node infrastructure across multiple protocols at once with enterprise-level uptime and support.

Used by the world's largest exchanges, banks, custodians, and non-cryptonative technology companies.

Custom Pricing
Custom Compute Units
Access to 20+ Protocols
200+ Requests per Second
Custom Overages Rates
Priority Support
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Blockdaemon & Stellar

Chronology of a long-term and strategic partnership.

Blockdaemon launches node deployment support for Stellar.
Jed McCaleb (Stellar co-founder) and Konstantin Richter (Blockdaemon founder and CEO) promote open source and decentralization at Heavibyt.->
Blockdaemon launches its full tier-1 validator support for Stellar, and becomes the first institutional-grade provider supporting full history nodes.
Blockdaemon offers full 24/7 customer support, can deploy in 70+ countries, and obtain the ISO 27001 certification.->
Blockdaemon also becomes a triple unicorn ($3.25Bn valuation), with investors like JP Morgan, Citi Bank, Tiger Global, Sapphire Ventures, SoftBank, Goldman Sachs, SBI Digital Markets, Comcast Ventures.
Blockdaemon supports over 15 leading institutions (banks, exchanges, fintechs, custodians) building on Stellar.
Blockdaemon’s Chief Engineer shares his insights at Meridian 2022 on Why Stellar’s Approach to Decentralization Matters.->
Blockdaemon enters a strategic partnership to become an RPC provider for Soroban.
Blockdaemon is the only validator on the network with a consistent 30-day availability of 100% and the highest mark (index=1) for reliability and updates (>)
Blockdaemon service over 350 leading customers across all continents, such as Goldman Sachs, Nasdaq, SBI Holdings, OpenSea, Plaid, Microsoft, MetaMask, Matrixport, Blockchange.

Blockdaemon API  Value Proposition:
An API with Soroban + Stellar Horizon access.

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Soroban + Stellar Horizon API

Developers can access Soroban on-chain data, broadcast transactions, and build dApps via a JSON-RPC endpoint with speed and reliability. Users can also access Stellar Horizon from the same API.

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Enterprise-Grade API

Blockdaemon’s fast, flexible, and secure RPC endpoint is accessible via an API used by some of the largest Enterprises in the world.

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Who is Blockdaemon?

Blockdaemon is the leading blockchain infrastructure provider, servicing 50% of the largest institutions leveraging blockchain via its APIs, staking and self-custody services. It offers secure and reliable data, with low latency for over 40 protocols, enabling use cases such as: high-frequency trading, transaction construction, monitoring, and broadcasting, account balances, fee estimation, account auditing, etc.

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