Secure Compute

Private key shares stored in secure enclaves cannot be extracted even if malware or a hacker gains access.

Secure Enclave Hosting

Optionally host in secure enclaves for security even in untrusted environments.

Securely hosting your wallet software is as easy as 1, 2, 3 for institutional wallets and Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet delivers.
Key Shares are Stored in Secure Enclaves

Storing key shares in secure enclaves such as AWS Nitro or Azure Cloud provides an isolated executive environment, without risking exposure to the underlying operating system; protecting against malware, hackers, and rogue insiders.

Remote Attestation

Remote attestation validates the authenticity of a system's software and hardware setup; protecting against the risk of uploading software to an insecure environment.

Secret Injection

Secret injection allows you to securely inject secrets, including the wallet node software, into secure enclaves; protecting against possible threats during the software upload process.

Host Wallet Nodes in Public Clouds With Confidence

Enjoy the benefits and convenience of hosting one or more wallet nodes in public clouds, while maintaining industry leading security. Automated installation software makes installation and set up fast, easy and secure, even when hosting in otherwise untrusted environments.

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