Policy Control Benefits

Flexibly define policies by users, protocols, transaction type, accounts and more to optimally balance efficiency and control.

Policy Controls

Fine-grained policy controls

After security, control is the next highest wallet priority for serious institutions and Blockdaemon Wallet delivers.


Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet’s Policy Engine gives you the flexibility to create fine-grained controls over who approves each transaction, and under what conditions. Administrators can define policies based on users, groups, asset types, transaction types, source wallets, destination wallets and other parameters. Multi-asset wallet support empowers wallet administrators to apply policies uniformly or selectively for each digital asset type.

Layered Security

Blockdaemon takes security of policies to new layers, by locally storing policies with each MPC key share and protecting the policies with MPC security. Policies are then cryptographically enforced, to assure that transactions are signed only after all applicable policies have been enforced, eliminating blind signing that exists with many alternative systems.

Customizable Transaction Approvals

Transaction approvals can be conducted using programmatic APIs, manual approvers, or a combination of both. This flexibility, combined with the cryptographically secure and enforced policies allows for the blurring of traditional boundaries between hot and cold storage, enabling more digital assets to be held online for greater liquidity, and reduced operational expense.

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