Integrated Staking

Maximize rewards and minimize complexity with Institutional Wallet.

Integrated Staking

Stake directly from your custody or treasury wallet to maximize Rewards while minimizing cost and complexity.

Qualified custodians and self-custody institutions can now stake as easy as 1, 2, 3 with Blockdaemon Wallet.
Create Your Staking Plan

Your Blockdaemon account manager will help you to create a staking plan that meets your needs. This staking plan will provide the framework for staking events initiated by approved users in the wallet.

Define Your Staking Policies

Next, create the staking policies to determine which users can initiate staking or unstaking events, and which parties must approve those actions, on a per account basis.

Earn Rewards With Reduced Fees

Initiate staking or unstaking events natively in your wallet, view rewards per account and across all accounts, and earn staking rewards with pricing models that reward staking directly from your wallet.

Stake with security, simplicity, and confidence.

Regardless of is you are staking on behalf of your custody clients, or your own institution, staking has never been easier, faster, or more secure than it is today with Institutional Wallet.

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