100% Self-Hosted For Operational Independence

Enjoy direct and exclusive control over your keys, policies, and wallet infrastructure for zero vendor dependency.

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100% Self-hosted

Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet is 100% self-hosted, meaning you are in total and exclusive control over your private keys, policies, and the wallet infrastructure. This level of independence and autonomous control assures you have the ability to sustain secure operations and services, without any co-dependencies on your wallet service or technology provider.

Blockdaemon never holds or sees any key shares, never has access to or sees your policies (unless if you request and share), and has no visibility to or control over your wallet infrastructure. This eliminates co-dependencies or concerns over relying on your wallet partner to maintain independent operations.

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Blockdaemon never holds or sees any key shares.

Custody with confidence, knowing that you can move digital assets rapidly and securely with no dependencies.

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Gives you total and exclusive control.

Having full and exclusive control over all key shares creates a foundation for qualified custody, and self-custody with confidence.

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No co-dependencies.

Provide regulated custody services with industry leading scale, efficiency, and liquidity.

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