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Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) and Blockdaemon will select people and organizations from the waitlist at their sole discretion. If selected, you will need to validate your ID in order to receive the “Starter” tier (30M CUs/month) for up to 4 months free of charge (valued at $199/month).

Offer valid starting January 30, 2024. All discounts terminate on June 30, 2024.

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Offer valid until 12/30/2023
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RPC Providers for Soroban

Blockdaemon is excited to announce support for Soroban, the smart contract layer of the Stellar blockchain. In addition to Stellar nodes and APIs, Blockdaemon now offers API access for Soroban’s native RPC methods. This is unique in the market and ensures that institutions and developers have the tools they need for seamless, efficient development on Stellar. With this, users can now access a robust, scalable API to support their Soroban projects. 

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Blockdaemon API  Value Proposition:
An API with Soroban + Stellar Horizon Access.

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Soroban + Stellar Horizon API

Developers can access Soroban on-chain data, broadcast transactions, and build dApps via a JSON-RPC endpoint with speed and reliability. Users can also access Stellar Horizon from the same API.

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Enterprise-Grade API

Blockdaemon’s fast, flexible, and secure RPC endpoint is accessible via an API used by some of the largest Enterprises in the world.

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