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Blockdaemon enables LayerZero’s interoperability solutions, ensuring secure, scalable cross-chain communications for diverse blockchain applications.
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Overview of LayerZero

LayerZero is an advanced blockchain interoperability protocol, designed to enable seamless and secure communication between different blockchains. It facilitates the efficient transfer of data and assets, leveraging a unique architecture, without compromising security. LayerZero achieves this through a decentralized oracle network and nodes, setting a new standard in cross-chain interactions.

Why Choose Blockdaemon to Build with LayerZero?

Choosing the Blockdaemon Oracle in your LayerZero projects ensures a blend of advanced interoperability and unparalleled security. As the leading oracle and part of the Decentralized Verifier Network (DVN) for LayerZero, Blockdaemon is known for its dependability and expertise in the blockchain industry.

  1. Verified Security: Blockdaemon’s ISO-27001 certification and SOC-2 compliant data centers ensures institutional/bank-grade security, trusted by leading global institutions

  2. Resilience and Support at Scale: Blockdaemon manages over 150k node reliably for the largest institutions, with continued 24/7 support, ensuring stable and consistent network performance.

  3. True Web3 Expertise: Blockdaemon has been running blockchain nodes and oracles 3+ years, supporting more than 50 protocols with a highly skilled R&D team focused on blockchain interoperability.

Quick Access to Blockdaemon's Public Testnet Addresses

Seamlessly set up and configure your application's Security Stack to include Blockdaemon's Oracle.

Testnet Addresses

  1. Ethereum-Goerli: 0xe695699b08bddd9922079332625e5df265defa50

  2. Avalanche-Fuji: 0xfb310c2ae76670f61f2ca48a514e9e3fae8282b6

  3. Polygon-Mumbai: 0x6aac22d61015383f5293c415979f5cbd5f2dd8e2

View our step by step configuration instructions in our documentation.

How to Connect to Base with Blockdaemon's API.

Quick and easy. Here’s how to get started with the Blockdaemon API suite:


Create a Free API Key

Get up and running in seconds with a free trial period.


Call Endpoints

Call Base endpoints with your API client (such as Postman). View our Docs for more info.


Access Base Data

View the returned on-chain data through a single API.

See this in action with a step-by-step guide for how to access your Base wallet balance using the Blockdaemon API. VIDEO

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