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Sep 20, 2023
Blockdaemon discusse 24/7 Web3 customer service's crucial role in navigating blockchain challenges. Learn how our dedicated support ensures seamless transitions, addresses network outages, and answers daily queries. Dive in to understand why top financial institutions trust us.

Blockchains never sleep, there’s no opening and closing bell. Protocols tick along, 24/7, 365 days a year. That’s why Blockdaemon’s service team is always available to support you with round the clock support. 

To experience exceptional web3 customer service, learn how Blockdaemon could help you today.

Our robust tech stack and expert engineers help you navigate the turbulent waters of change. We traverse ever shifting protocols so you don’t have to, guaranteeing the quality of service that many companies rely upon. 

In this post, we’ll look at the following: 

  • The importance of blockchain customer service 
  • How Blockdaemon guarantees a gold-standard customer service 
  • How to benefit from Blockdaemon’s customer service

The Importance of Blockchain Customer Service

Blockdaemon has a proven track record is trusted to operates thousands of nodes across over dozens of networks, with billions of dollars worth of tokens are staked to Blockdaemon validators. This success is built on exceptional customer service.

Blockchain networks are not static. Changes can cause disruption to users if they’re not adequately addressed or communicated.

We know that customer service is crucial when any of the following happen: : 

1. Hard-forks and soft-forks

Network upgrades often fix bugs and introduce new features. This helps a blockchain’s functionality. It helps a protocol remain competitive.

However, upgrades can be disruptive. A client running a node may experience some downtime, unless they are adequately prepared in advance. For a business running such a node, they may prefer to focus on their product rather than concentrate on the underlying infrastructure. 

Customer service is needed to avoid confusion and ensure a smooth transition.

Blockdaemon also ensures that only approved, official network updates are incorporated into a client’s nodes. This ensures our blockchain nodes remain up-to-date. 

2. Network Outages 

A network outage can severely impact a business. It can result in slashing, lost business and dissatisfied customers. A previous outage of the Solana network is an example of such a disruption. In this instance, block production ground to a halt. Although temporary, it did cause problems for those running applications on the network.

On such occasions, our customers look to Blockdaemon as a trusted partner. We work tirelessly on their behalf to restore confidence in the network, rebuild and restore services. 

Customer service is key to this process. Although downtime causes headaches, we work with our customers and our protocol partners to minimize impact and ensure a smooth return to service.

3. Day-to-Day Questions and Queries

Demand for blockchain based services will only ramp-up over time, across a whole suite of complementary protocols. 

With rising demand comes rising complexity. Each blockchain has its own unique features, set-up and ways of working. 

Services built on top of such technology must be as high-assurance as possible. This means setting them up correctly is important. 

That is why Blockdaemon is on-hand to answer client questions and queries. No matter how big or small, we are prepared to help across all protocols we service

How Blockdaemon Guarantees a Gold-Standard Customer Service 

We’ve developed a customer service approach that helps guide you across the ever-changing blockchain environment.

As the world-leading blockchain infrastructure provider, we deliver a gold-standard customer service, including:

1. Unique Customer Channel

We provide exclusive communication channels for every institutional customer, tailored to our their preferences and needs.Blockdaemon experts are assigned to respond to any and all requests or queries in real-time. There is no waiting on tickets to be serviced or risk emails being lost in inboxes. 

These channels are opened on platforms that suit the client. If you work natively with Slack, we’ll be on Slack. Prefer Telegram? No problem. The same goes with Microsoft Teams, or any other tool a team may use. Our staff are available when you want, where you want. 

No issue is too big or too small for this round-the-clockexpert-level, real-time live chat. 

2. Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Blockdaemon customers enjoy access to a dedicated customer success manager, committed to ensuring client success. This point-of-contact delivers real-time updates when network upgrades are planned, changes to a protocol are scheduled or anything else that may arise. 

Our customer success managers want you to succeed. That’s why they play such an active role in your day-to-day needs. From onboarding to go-live, they are there at every step of the way. 

3. On-Demand Support Team

Redundancy is critical in maintaining world-class web3 operations. Our dedicated customer success managers are backed up by on-call teams to support your business, day or night.

Our experts are here to arm you with the right knowledge. 

Deep, protocol-specific insights enhance your experience. Our support teams provide protocol insights and help our customers stay ahead of the curve. Armed with protocol specific knowledge, our customers enjoy richer knowledge about winning blockchains. 

Watch our podcast here with Blockdaemon's Head of Customer Success & Service Management, where we get into even more detail about the ever-evolving changes of Web3 customer support.

How to Benefit from Web3 Customer Success

Our three pronged approach to customer service has been honed through thousands of client interactions over the years. 

We offer unlimited, accessible support to our end users. This support comes from our on-hand customer success managers and various internal teams. 

It is no surprise then that some of the world’s largest financial institutions trust Blockdaemon with their blockchain infrastructure. 

To experience exceptional web3 customer service, get in touch with Blockdaemon today.


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