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Where and what you can find in Blockdaemon’s Knowledgebase

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Oct 4, 2018

Where and what you can find in Blockdaemon’s Knowledgebase

Welcome to Support at Blockdaemon!

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I’m Bill T, the new Director of Customer Support here at Blockdaemon. The team and I have been building out a brand new Help Center over the last month and I’ve very excited to unveil the new site. At Blockdaemon, we understand that navigating blockchain technology is constantly redefining itself, evolving and can at times be complex, to say the least. Our goal is to make finding relevant info and participating as easy and clear as possible in whichever path you are most comfortable using.

To my way of thinking, the mark of a successful company is in how well it treats its customers, small and large. It is my #1 goal as director to provide quick, thorough, personable support and help at every stage of the customer lifecycle — from those tentative first few opening question salvos to in-depth drill downs into challenging and creative situations. I promise we’ll always have your back, starting from day one.

So to that end, we’ve put together a Help Center with FAQ and Knowledge Base pages, expanding daily to encompass everything from spinning up nodes to connecting them to public and private blockchains.

We’re also building out company-specific buckets of articles for upcoming partnered builds for folks like Aion, Citizen’s Reserve, and Stellar.

And yes, we’ll make ourselves available for live chat or email so that you can get the answers you need in a timely manner.

It’s all in one helpful hub page on our site: The Blockdaemon Help Center. Come check it out!

But wait, there’s more… We also added Elevio, a helper app that enables you to access, search, and read our support articles from anywhere you find yourself on our site. For example, if you find yourself wanting to spin up a new node and want to know if you can pay for it with crypto, no need to leave the page, navigate to the Help Center, then search for the article (the answer is YES, btw). Then once you’ve got the info, find your way back to the page you were on. You can click on the Elevio at bottom right and in the modal pop up, you can search, read the article and get that vital info all without ever leaving the page. It’s my theory that each person only gets a set number of brain cells to use in any given day, so we’re with you on helping to use them efficiently and wisely.

And finally, we’ve built a space in our Help Center for feedback, P2P collaboration, and sharing blockchain war stories–the Blockdaemon community. This is your space to give us direct and immediate feedback on how we’re doing, what we could improve on, and to help us move our product forward. You can also interact with other Blockdaemon users to compare notes, look for collaborative solution and scenarios, and of course, to give each other the benefit of your skills and experience. Come by and visit and give us an earful. We’re focused on getting better every day and your advice is truly golden. We ARE listening.


Ciao for now. You can always reach me directly at [email protected] or come by the community to start a conversation. My door is always wide open.

Bill T

Director of Customer Support


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