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The Ultimate Crypto Wallet & Ethereum Staking Solution for Asset Managers

Aug 31, 2023
Asset Managers: Discover Blockdaemon's Institutional Wallet™, offering unparalleled security and efficient Ethereum staking. A game-changer in the realm of digital asset management.

In the world of crypto, developing a successful strategy to securely manage assets while staking is a critical pathway to maximize the value of your holdings. 

For digital asset managers, this becomes even more critical, particularly when it comes to asset security and efficient operations. 

The solution? Blockdaemon’s Institutional Wallet with Ethereum staking enabled, which significantly elevates the staking experience.

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Enabling Secure Digital Asset Management

Blockdaemon Wallet empowers asset managers to offer secure and reliable asset management services to their clients. With our state-of-the-art security features, support for segregated wallets, customer-defined policies, and 100% self-hosting, asset managers can manage their clients' digital assets confidently while ensuring full regulatory compliance and adherence to industry standards and regulations.

An End-to-End ETH Staking Experience for Asset Managers

With Blockdaemon's Institutional Wallet, you retain full control and management over your assets. Our non-custodial staking service facilitates staking while giving you the ultimate control over your assets. All while benefiting from the wallet's advanced features.

By reducing the time required to stake, Blockdaemon inherently reduces your time to rewards. The integrated staking feature, paired with an intuitive user interface, makes the staking process seamless and user-friendly, ultimately giving you an end-to-end Ethereum experience. 

Simple Ethereum Staking Integration for Asset Managers

This innovative feature brings you an intuitive and frictionless staking experience. Gone are the days of complex manual processes or dependence on third-party applications. By enabling direct staking to validator nodes within the wallet, a simplified and streamlined process is delivered right to your fingertips.

Generate Hassle Free ETH Rewards for Asset Managers

Imagine the potential to participate longer-term in the ETH ecosystem, through the integrated staking within your wallet, without the overheads. This integration not only simplifies your participation but also opens up the opportunity for passive rewards, without the need for constant management or oversight of infrastructure.

Pricing Advantage

Blockdaemon offers an industry-leading bundled wallet and stake offering. This means that while you enjoy a seamless staking experience, you also benefit from highly competitive pricing. The effective fee you pay to stake within the wallet provides a significant discount, adding more value to your staking activities. 

MPC Based Digital Asset Security 

Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology lies at the heart of Blockdaemon's Institutional Wallet, offering an unparalleled level of security. For a full understanding of MPC, click here. This cutting-edge technology, combined with ISO 27001 certification and SOC 2 alignment, ensures our controls are on par with the highest industry standards. A risk-based approach and robust AML/KYC policies provide additional layers of protection, while our 100% slashing insurance guarantee provides total peace of mind.

Full Transparency, Auditability & Control 

With the Blockdaemon Wallet comes staking reporting capabilities, providing you with clear insights into all staking events that have occurred within the wallet and each account. Additionally, it offers the ability to create policies controlling who can stake, unstake, and approve those actions, giving you greater control over your assets. This ensures that your operations are not only efficient and cost-effective but also transparent and secure.

Policy-Controlled Staking: Ultimate Governance in Your Hands

Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet™ introduces a sophisticated policy system, transforming how you oversee critical staking and unstaking actions. At its core, a policy acts as a dynamic rulebook that governs specific operational categories within the wallet. Whether it's transfer operations or more intricate activities, these policies ensure only approved actions proceed, providing a failsafe against unauthorized or out-of-scope operations.

Importantly, the staking policy stands as a comprehensive tool for control. It meticulously guides every step of the staking process, safeguarding assets while ensuring every action aligns with set guidelines. Notably, all these policies can be established even before the wallet's launch, integrated seamlessly into the wallet configuration process. After deployment, modifications to these policies remain exclusive to those with the admin role, ensuring enhanced security and control.

With Blockdaemon, you don't just stake – you govern with precision, confidence, and peace of mind.

Conclusion: The Future of Ethereum Staking for Asset Managers

The world of digital asset management is changing, and the introduction of Blockdaemon’s Institutional MPC wallet with Ethereum staking is a testament to that. It’s about providing you with a solution that meets your needs - security, reliability, and accessibility. By choosing this staking solution, you are choosing a path of simplicity, control, and efficiency, setting your operations up for success in the digital assets ecosystem.

The Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet is more than a staking platform – it's part of our daemonOS control center for your Ethereum assets. It gives you the power to create policies to regulate staking and unstaking activities, ensuring you have the final say in approving these actions.

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