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The Next Big Thing in Digital Asset Wallet Flexibility

Oct 3, 2022
Multi party computation (MPC) provides a unique way to achieve flexibility while maintaining security and control of your wallet infrastructure.

According to a recent study by Deloitte, a rising number of companies use digital assets for environment, operational, and transactional purposes.

Business use of cryptocurrency undoubtedly presents a host of opportunities, but it also carries a unique set of challenges. One of those challenges, is keeping up to date with the latest technology.

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Within the cryptocurrency market and regulations, one thing is certain — near-constant change. This ongoing evolution can lead to a fear of obsolescence. This in turn can lead to nervousness around investments in cryptocurrency wallets and custody infrastructure.

Companies often feel they have to choose between constantly updating your solutions, or falling behind the curve. But there is another way.

Increasingly, institutions and venture capital firms are using flexible wallet and custody frameworks. These evolve to exploit new opportunities and navigate regulatory landmines.

A flexible digital asset wallet will help you:

  • Support a wide range of protocols
  • Provide consistent policy enforcement across different protocols
  • Support different custody models in different markets
  • Host wallets on different platforms to evolve services and satisfy regulators

Multi party computation (MPC) provides a unique way to achieve flexibility while maintaining security and control of your wallet infrastructure.

The Blockdaemon Advanced MPC Wallet is the leading flexible digital asset wallet. It removes the complexity of maintaining multiple wallets and allows you to focus on your core business.

Top 3 Ways the Advanced MPC Wallet Easily Solves Your Flexibility Problem

The Advanced MPC Wallet provides pioneering levels of flexibility:

1. Unlimited flexibility

The Advanced MPC Wallet pushes the boundaries of flexibility by supporting:

  • Any protocol and digital asset types (Ethereum, Bitcoin, NFTs and much more)
  • Any custody model (full-custody, shared-custody, self-custody)
  • Any hosting environment (on-premises, private cloud, public cloud)
  • Any device type (containers, VMs, mobile, desktop)
  • Any operational model (hot, warm, cold, hybrid model)

2. Flexible policy engine technology

The flexible policy engine supports quorums and checklists. Operational and conditional controls allow you to choose and optimize policies to maximize security and adapt to evolving requirements.

3. Seamless policy enforcement

The Advanced MPC Wallet provides uniform policy enforcement for all protocols and digital assets. Institutions need a solution with a flexible approach to policies and new regulations in the ever-evolving crypto market.

Why You Should Choose the Advanced MPC Wallet Today

Most MPC wallets aim to minimize the risk of theft.

They do this by eliminating ensuring a complete private key is never held by any single party. However the standard of protocols and implementation approaches used by different MPC wallet providers vary greatly.

The Advanced MPC Wallet is designed for large-scale institutional investors, exchanges, custody providers, and mid-size companies.

Here’s  why the Advanced MPC wallet is the right choice for your business:

Choose Blockdaemon to Achieve Digital Asset Wallet Flexibility

Blockdaemon offers two wallet model choices to help you maximize flexibility:

  • The Advanced MPC Wallet is ideal for those who need a white-label, institutional-grade wallet platform.
  • The Advanced MPC TSM is for those who prefer to build their own wallet and integrate market-proven MPC technologies.

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