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Supporting Elrond’s Network with Industry-Leading Validator Nodes

Product Updates
Mar 1, 2022

We at Blockdaemon proudly support Elrond with our industry-leading validator node infrastructure.

With this support, Elrond joins the ranks of over a dozen cutting edge proof-of-stake protocols currently hosted on Blockdaemon’s platform. Today, we’d like to take you through how Blockdaemon’s support benefits Elrond.

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Blockdaemon: Supporting Elrond’s Consensus

Elrond’s innovative “Secure Proof of Stake” consensus mechanism is the heartbeat of the network.

The smooth running of the network relies on the highest quality validator nodes. These nodes perform vital functions that actively maintain the chain. Validator nodes are responsible for processing blocks of transactions that are transmitted across the network.

The service delivers rewards for the Elrond validator, while also securing the network. By participating in consensus, Blockdaemon adds to Elrond’s overall network health.  Blockdaemon is a world leader in staking infrastructure. Our experience across stake based networks brings many advantages to Elrond’s ecosystem. Our global team of expert blockchain engineers guarantee maximum uptime, while minimizing any disruption.

The result is an extremely reliable validator service. Furthermore, our 100% slashing insurance covers any losses incurred by a Blockdaemon incurred node fault. Our expertise as a premier provider of blockchain infrastructure delivers a safe, reliable staking service to the Elrond community.

Blockdaemon: Supporting Elrond’s Decentralization

Decentralization is the cornerstone of Elrond’s blockchain. The constellation of community-operated Elrond nodes are the fundamental elements of this cornerstone. As a new validator on the network, we at Blockdaemon contribute to the network’s decentralization. By joining, we increase diversity of the Elrond ecosystem. The Secure Proof of Stake paradigm relies on a globally distributed network to avoid centralization.

With Blockdaemon’s advanced blockchain infrastructure, we are committed to helping Elrond remain decentralized.


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