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Blockdaemon: Supporting Astar’s Institutional Infrastructure

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Aug 24, 2022
Blockdaemon is proud to become the latest collator of the Astar network.

Blockdaemon is proud to become the latest collator of the Astar network.

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As a collator, Blockdaemon actively helps maintain the health of the parachain, while adding significant value to network builders. Our leading infrastructure now gives Astar developers and businesses a strong foundation on which to build winning decentralized applications (dApps).  

For years, Blockdaemon has been a reliable node operator on both Polkadot and Kusama.  We’re also a proven supporter of both parachain ecosystems. Our products across multiple parachains deliver liquid staking, staking, and node services. We’re excited to expand our support to Astar.

Blockdaemon now delivers a high-quality, reliable blockchain service to further strengthen the Astar ecosystem, allowing institutions to leverage our gold-standard node services.

How Blockdaemon Adds Value to the Astar Ecosystem

Blockdaemon now connects businesses and developers to Astar with one single integration.

As a node operator, Blockdaemon will provide Websocket and RPC endpoints to projects wishing to build on the network. Often, it is not feasible for many projects, devs and, businesses to build and maintain their own Astar collator node to access these services. Blockdaemon’s years of node blockchain expertise significantly lowers the barrier to entry for Astar based projects.

Our full node support provides a critical on-ramp for Astar dApp developers. Rather than relying on public infrastructure, which can come under heavy load from many sources, or facing the ongoing challenges of self-running an Astar node, it is now possible to outsource Astar node requirements to Blockdaemon. Our blockchain-as-a-service solution is maintained by our team of world-class blockchain engineers. Many of these engineers are specialized in the Substrate ecosystem. This brings all the benefits of easy access to Astar’s nodes, without the overheads.

Blockdeaemon’s proven track record across liquid staking solutions also offers a potential area for growth in Astar’s ecosystem. Specifically, an ASTR/DOT liquid staking solution could leverage Blockdaemon’s capabilities on the Polkadot network.

In addition, Blockdaemon’s role as a collator strengthens the network itself. As a collator, Blockdaemon aids in the decentralization, liveness and security of the Astar chain. This helps maintain the health of the parachain.

What is Blockdaemon’s Role as an Astar Collator?

Blockdaemon will run full nodes both for the Polkadot Relay Chain and the Astar parachain. We’ll be carrying out our duties as a collator, while also providing builders a secure gateway to this vital infrastructure.  

As a collator, Blockdaemon batches Astar transactions into block candidates. These are then passed to validators on the Polkadot Relay Chain for finalization. Polkadot validators process these block candidates. Once processed, they are added to the Polkadot blockchain. A full explanation of the role that collators play can be found on the Astar docs site.  

We’ve developed a diagram to explain the relationship between collators, a parachain, and the Relay Chain. This is outlined below.

Blockdaemon Supports Astar’s Success

We’re proud to offer our industry-leading ‘node stack’ and expertise to support Astar’s ongoing success. We aim to provide a single integration for Astar’s cohort of builders.    

In addition, Blockdaemon will join Astar in future hackathons and networking events. This further fosters the Astar dev community.

By combining Blockdaemon’s institutional-grade node support with Astar’s rich tech stack, this partnership is positioned to support the chain’s institutional and developer adoption long into the future.

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