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Strength in Numbers: The launch of the New Blockdaemon UI and Community!

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Nov 2, 2018

It is true that there is strength in numbers. Absolutely true, whether you’re speaking to the size of your blockchain exchange, the local group of neighbors doing a park cleanup to better the environment, or the collective power of experience a group can bring to creative innovation, finding solutions or addressing obstacles of any magnitude.

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That brings me to today’s subject, the value of teams and organizations and how essential they are to the Blockdaemon approach. The mission of Blockdaemon is to empower businesses to quickly deploy and iterate innovative blockchain applications. Meaning, making it a simple process to quickly build out nodes on a public blockchain, or a private blockchain network for your company, your friends, and like-minded individuals. In our newest upgrade to our platform, we’ve added even more clarity and order to the process by means of which we call Organizations.

Previously, you could launch a private blockchain network, then invite people to join and add their own nodes to it, One. At. A. Time. This worked just fine, but if you had multiple private and public nodes and a lot of people to add to your organization, managing it all could get a bit confusing and time-consuming.

Nobody likes confusion at any level and as we recognize the true value of the blockchain is in group projects and shared resources and transactions, we’ve strived to make it super easy to manage a lot of activity and people at once.

With our latest upgrades, you can create your organization(s), name them, spin up nodes attached specifically to each organization, invite multiple people at once, and manage it all in one place. At a single glance, you can see all members of your organization, status, permissions, billing history, and of course create multiple organizations if need be for separate projects — each with its own management dashboard.

Which segues neatly into The Blockdaemon Community Forums.

We’ve created a discussion space within our Help Center for all who use our service, or who may be considering spinning up a node to connect to a blockchain or building a centralized network of nodes for employing smart contracts or supply-chain management — or any idea you want to run up the virtual flagpole. It’s the perfect community meeting place/water cooler for your organization(s), too.

The new community has areas for giving us direct feedback — how are we doing, what could be better, what should we add, and what should not by any means change (“Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” Is one of my many mottos). Your ideas and thoughts are of paramount importance to us and I promise you’ll not be posting into a black hole. All ideas will be seen and considered by our product team.

There is a space for General discussion around the blockchain universe — what’s new, what’s changing, and what the future will hold. One of the best parts of being a part of building the future is getting to create it in any fashion you can imagine! Looking to bounce ideas around and find collaborators and fellow visionaries to have a back and forth with for fleshing out those cocktail napkin ideas? Want your own section, for your growing organization to interact and share info and experience? Come and tell us about it. We can even make that private to your organization’s eyes only!

And of course, not last but not least, we’ve included a troubleshooting section — a place to wield the collective know-how, experience and skills of the entire community. A place to ask for help from the hive-mind for a sticky situation you’ve cornered yourself into, share war stories of bumps in the road and how you navigated around them. Outside of our normal support channels (email and live-chat), we’ll also keep our eyes laser-focused here for problems we didn’t even know existed until you share them with us. Then a member of our support or engineering team will parachute in to help out. In my experience, this is one of the best ways to get info on situations and solutions out to the greatest possible number of people in need. And of course, any solution will surely find its way into our knowledge base.

And hey, if you offer a good, workable solution to a situation, some sage advice, or just make our day better by giving us a great laugh, you might even find yourself the proud owner of some sweet Blockdaemon swag. Priceless.

So please, drop by and say howdy, contribute and become part of the Blockdaemon community.

See ya there, Bill T


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