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Simplify Your Ethereum Staking Experience with Blockdaemon's Upgraded Rewards Dashboard

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Nov 14, 2023
Blockdaemon has introduced new features in the Ethereum staking dashboard to simplify your Ethereum staking journey. Find out what this upgrade means to your staking operations.

Blockdaemon has recently introduced upgraded features in our Ethereum staking dashboard to simplify your Ethereum staking journey. This upgrade aims to provide clearer insights and better control over your staking operations.

Here’s a look at the new features:

1. Validator Onboarding and Management:

  • Launch validators via our Staking API or directly in your Blockdaemon App to see them auto-populate on the dashboard, with a reserved status shown even before on-chain registration, streamlining your validator onboarding process.
  • Manage thousands of validators effortlessly with the new filter and search functionality. Filter by status or search by address for quick navigation through your validator list.

2. Validator Status Insights:

  • Hover over a validator’s status to access detailed on-chain information. This feature, integrated with our Staking Rewards API, offers a clearer understanding of each validator's standing and rewards.

Why Use The Ethereum Staking Dashboard?

This Ethereum staking dashboard is meticulously designed to cater to the needs of institutional and large-scale stakers, encapsulating features that foster simplified management, enhanced transparency, and robust monitoring of staking operations. 

1. Network Support:

  • Begin staking on Ethereum's Testnet and transition to the Ethereum Mainnet with ease, ensuring a risk-controlled staking journey.

2. Reward Tracking:

  • Keep track of rewards from MEV (Maximum Extractable Value), transaction fees, and protocol rewards. Our dashboard aggregates this data daily for a clear view of your rewards.

3. Performance Metrics and Reporting:

  • Download daily, weekly, or monthly aggregated reports for a detailed analysis of your staking performance.

4. Staking Portfolio Visualization:

  • Access quick glance metrics like the 
  • Total number of validators and their respective statuses.  
  • Ethereum price trend over the last 30 days.  
  • Current value of your staking portfolio rewards and collateral balance in $ETH and USD.
  • and the detailed validator list with month-to-date rewards.

The dashboard's intuitive design, coupled with the simple performance visualization, empowers you with detailed data, aiding in informed decision-making without needing developer skills. 

Its robust functionality significantly eases the management of large-scale staking operations, offering a reliable, user-friendly platform for sophisticated stakers. 

By centralizing critical staking operations and metrics into a single, accessible platform, we aim to simplify ETH staking, making it a seamless experience for our institutional clients. 

And if you need to integrate these types of staking metrics with your own tracking and reporting systems, we offer a comprehensive staking reporting API across numerous protocols. 

Access the Ethereum Staking Dashboard Today 

Blockdaemon's commitment to delivering a seamless, insightful staking journey gives you reliable, efficient tools for managing your large-scale staking operations with precision and ease.

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