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Easy NFT Data: 5 Reasons To Use The Ubiquity NFT API

Product Updates
Apr 7, 2022

For years, Blockdaemon has connected institutions and developers to blockchains. We’ve helped them access staking, node management and on-chain data. We are now able to connect organisations to NFT data through our easy-to-use Ubiquity NFT API.

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Ubiquity Simplifies Blockchain Access

Our best-in-class Ubiquity API Suite product is a key element in our blockchain management approach. In essence, Ubiquity simplifies blockchain access. With Ubiquity, anyone can access rich and consistent on-chain data from a wide range of leading blockchains.  This blockchain-as-a-service model provides a cutting-edge universal API for developers to utilise, without the need to own or manage nodes.

The Ubiquity NFT API Solves Your NFT Data Problems

Due to the rapid rise of NFTs, we have extended Ubiquity to include and simplify NFT data.The Ubiquity NFT API builds on our class-leading solution and delivers a seamless NFT data solution.  This is currently available in Private Beta and as such is subject to change. You can apply for access here.

Stay Tuned for Exciting NFT Developments and Enhancements

As we continue the NFT API roll-out we will be adding a range of new features and enhancements. To keep up to date with the latest exciting developments, follow Blockdaemon on Twitter.

5 Reasons to use the Ubiquity NFT API

The Ubiquity NFT API gives you immediate results, these include:

1. Rapid NFT Ownership Verification

Rapidly retrieve NFT ownership information with a few simple API calls. With the Ubiquity NFT API you can rapidly verify:

  • Which account owns a given NFT
  • Off-chain data associated with an NFT (Image/details)
  • Which NFTs a given wallet owns

2. Easy NFT Explorer Development

Ubiquity data is always up-to-date and rapidly available. A single interface provides all NFT data, both on-chain and off-chain. All Ubiquity NFT data is stored by Blockdaemon, removing any IPFS associated lag.

3. Seamless NFT/Social Media Integration

The Ubiquity API provides a ready-made solution to streamline NFT integration. Providers can easily check ownership and quickly download images. Social media companies can develop exceptional user experiences with our simple and straightforward API.

4. Convenient Access to NFT Analytics

The ability to extract key analytics is important for any organisation dealing with NFTs. With Ubiquity NFT API, you easily extract key NFT information and gain valuable insights from the Ethereum blockchain.

5. Complete NFT Provenance Audit

With the Ubiquity NFT API, you can quickly and easily visualise the full ownership history for an Ethereum NFT.

Get Started Today, Simplify Your NFT Experience with Ubiquity

NFTs are transforming the world of digital and physical assets. The vast, untapped opportunities that lay within NFTs drive the demand for reliable, accurate data. Ubiquity NFT API can rapidly improve the way institutions and individuals interact with NFTs.With our innovative NFT API solution, we empower you to build the next wave of powerful NFT apps. Our bank of developer resources, 24/7 support and constant uptime are here to support you on this journey.

How can you get started?

The Ubiquity NFT API Private Beta is now open as a limited availability program.


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