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New Director of Security, Vincent Kobel

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Sep 15, 2021

As the second half of an exciting and eventful 2021 is well under way, Blockdaemon is excited to welcome Vincent Kobel as our new Director of Security.

Vincent is a highly experienced cybersecurity expert, with over ten years experience working in the field. Based in Switzerland, Vincent has worked with companies large and small to deliver the highest level of cybersecurity known to the technology industry. Vincent now brings his wealth of experience, both in the traditional cybersecurity space and in blockchain, to Blockdaemon. By joining, he will further shape the company’s already robust security stack.

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Vincent’s Background

Vincent joins us from his former role of four years as VP of Cybersecurity at Metaco, a Swiss startup offering blockchain custody solutions for institutions.

Metaco supplies the physical servers that enable institutions to safely store and manage their own crypto assets in-house. Security of this infrastructure is critically important. As an early joiner, Vincent played a pivotal role in overseeing the company’s cybersecurity efforts. This was vital to deliver excellent service for key clients, such as DBS and Standard Chartered. Before this role, Vincent worked in Kudelski’s cybersecurity division.

He was part of the team responsible for cybersecurity at the World Economic Forum, which took place in Davos and all around the world. He is experienced in carrying out penetration testing, security assessments and enhancing the security of financial systems across his career.

Joining Blockdaemon

Vincent has three key points of focus for his role in Blockdaemon.

Firstly, he wants to grow the team to include world-class security experts across multiple verticals. One of these verticals includes corporate infrastructure security. As Blockdaemon continues to grow, this reinforces Blockdaemon’s security-first approach.

Secondly, Vincent wants to bring security to the fore as a key market differentiator. Blockdaemon’s robust security stack is second-to-none. As the world’s leading blockchain infrastructure provider to some of the world’s largest financial institutions, security is our top priority. Vincent will elevate Blockdaemon’s security as a key competitive advantage.

Thirdly, Vincent will focus on Blockdaemon’s leading product offerings outside of our nodes.

This includes Ubiquity, an important tool for querying blockchains.

When asked what he is most excited about to work on in Blockdaemon, Vincent replied,“I’m excited to bring my expertise in security to Blockdaemon. Our security is already best-in-class, but I’m looking forward to working on products that scale and are secure. Blockdaemon is the perfect place to be working on that, as we are the lynchpin to so many important blockchain services. As a key infrastructure provider, I’m looking to see how we can make our offerings even better than they are today.

Vincent’s hire as Director of Security comes at an important time in the history of Blockdaemon, as we continue to grow our headcount as a distributed global team producing industry leading blockchain infrastructure products and services. If you would like to apply to work at Blockdaemon, we are always on the lookout for great talent.

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