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Meet Blockdaemon's DACH Sales Team

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Feb 15, 2022

Blockdaemon is growing internationally. As we grow, our priorities remain clear. We want to bring our innovative blockchain infrastructure to the world. To achieve this goal, our global teams develop new business opportunities, and support local clients.

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They localize Blockdaemon’s products and services, specific to different customers. They are champions of Blockdaemon’s culture in each market in which they work. However, success in a local market is not developed overnight. To best support clients in every region, Blockdaemon needs the best local talent.

For this reason, our decentralized teams combine specific blockchain knowledge with years of experience in their unique market. The result? Our experts are a valuable source of blockchain related information, skills and advice for clients. In this way, success for both Blockdaemon and local customers, must be carefully cultivated, across months and years. We understand the important role that our experts play in helping our clients progress their business.

Therefore, we now introduce Stefan Schmitt and Tim Clausen. Stefan and Tim are two key members of our European team. They build Blockdaemon’s business relationships in German, Austria and Switzerland. They lay the bricks of Blockdaemon’s strong progress in these three German speaking countries.

Tim Clausen, Head of Sales, DACH

Tim is Blockdaemon’s new Head of Sales in the DACH region. Throughout his storied career, he has become an expert in selling platform and digital infrastructure offerings to international clients. These solutions traced the cutting edge of technology. Among his achievements, he has successfully helped businesses leverage and commercialize profitable, upcoming technology.

Tim has helped to build the data business for T-Mobile International, where he was in charge of content strategies as well as negotiating multi-national content agreements with blue chip media & entertainment companies. From there, Tim went on to start his own innovative startup. His company was founded as a service and tech provider to content owners, managing their online business, including design, hosting, billing, CMS, traffic generation, support, and social media.Now, Tim brings his wealth of experience to driving Blockdaemon’s growth in the DACH region.

Tim’s experience as a founder and entrepreneur will enable him to build opportunities from scratch in this important region. DACH is the home to Switzerland’s famous Crypto Valley (home to over 1,000 crypto startups), as well as many leading financial institutions, custodians and crypto native startups across Germany and Austria. Many of these institutions are now turning their attention to blockchain technology, yet lack the experience, knowledge and expertise to fully capitalize on this growing wave. In this context,

Tim believes that Blockdaemon is positioned well to thrive, having in-market local support to be on-hand to support clients. Blockdaemon’s potential in DACH is large, according to Tim, being positioned as the world’s leading provider of blockchain infrastructure with local market expertise.

Stefan Schmitt, Sales Director

Stefan is Blockdaemon’s Sales Director in the DACH region. He was born in Germany, and has a deep knowledge of the German market. He has a background in economics, having studied economics and finance in university.

Previously, he worked for the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, the leading blockchain research lab in the German speaking area, led by Professor Philipp Sandner. During his time in the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, the bulk of the research was focused on practical blockchain applications. Today, Stefan supports customers with our blockchain nodes and “staking-as-a-service”, whose services are primarily used by financial institutions, crypto startups and custodians.

Stefan is passionate about clients utilizing Blockdaemon’s technology to build practical blockchain applications. He helps them understand the potential of Blockdaemon’s total ‘node stack’. Stefan believes that Blockdaemon is well positioned as a fully-compliant, regulated entity in the German market. Regulation is an important part of the German economy.

Blockdaemon is the compliant infrastructure provider that knows the market, laws and is able to meet the requirements of the highly regulated financial industry.

As Sales Director, Stefan is always accessible to clients who would like to start or scale their business with Blockdaemon.

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