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Maximize Your Sui Staking Rewards with Blockdaemon

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May 3, 2023
Blockdaemon and BitGo have collaborated to offer a fully compliant Sui staking service for institutional stakers, providing a secure and reliable network for staking tokens. By choosing Blockdaemon as a staking provider through BitGo's full custody Sui staking solution, clients can benefit from industry-leading security and compliance, quality staking support, non-custodial integration, and easy and fast staking integration.

Choose Blockdaemon as Your Preferred Staking Provider via BitGo

Discover the advantages of Sui staking with Blockdaemon, a premier staking partner for BitGo's fully compliant Sui staking services.

In collaboration with BitGo, Blockdaemon empowers clients to enjoy the benefits of Sui staking without the technical complexities.

Choose Blockdaemon as your staking provider via BitGo's full custody Sui staking solution, taking care of the entire staking process for you.

Want to learn more about our staking solutions? Contact Blockdaemon today!

Why Stake Sui?

As an institutional staker, you recognize the significance of selecting a dependable and secure platform for staking your tokens.

Sui's Delegated Proof-of-Stake system offers a cost-efficient and decentralized network, with validators chosen based on their stake from Sui token holders. This ensures that only the most efficient validators are selected to process transactions, providing a trustworthy and reliable network for institutional stakers.

Staking Sui tokens means that your tokens are locked for the entire epoch, but you can withdraw your tokens when the epoch changes. This offers flexibility for institutional stakers who may need to adjust their staking strategy based on market conditions.

Sui's economic model encourages healthy competition for fair prices, where validators set low gas fees while operating with viable business models. This incentivizes validators to operate with low gas price quotes, ensuring that institutional stakers benefit from cost-efficient transactions.

Moreover, Sui's economic model bestows institutional stakers with an essential monitoring role. By selecting the most responsive validators, such as Blockdaemon, institutional stakers can ensure that their transactions are processed quickly and efficiently, and are rewarded with boosted rewards relative to less responsive validators.

In conclusion, Sui's Delegated Proof-of-Stake system offers a secure and reliable network for institutional stakers, with a cost-efficient and decentralized platform that encourages healthy competition for fair prices.

Staking with Sui provides flexibility, security, and the potential for boosted rewards, making it an attractive option for institutional stakers looking to stake their tokens.

Why Choose Blockdaemon via BitGo for Sui Staking?

For institutional stakers seeking a seamless and secure way to get Sui staking rewards, choosing Blockdaemon as your staking provider via BitGo's staking service is the optimal choice.

By selecting Blockdaemon through BitGo's staking platform, clients can benefit from a high-quality blockchain infrastructure that maximizes staking rewards.

Industry-Leading Security & Compliance

Blockdaemon adheres to the strictest security standards, including world-class crypto key management, 100% slashing insurance, and more. Blockdaemon is ISO27001 certified. 

Quality Staking Support

Secure rewards across Sui's innovative Proof-of-Stake blockchain. By staking on Sui with Blockdaemon via BitGo, clients have seamless access to staking rewards.

Non-Custodial Integration

As a non-custodial entity, Blockdaemon never holds digital assets on behalf of a custodian. BitGo maintains full control over their clients' funds and stores them in a full reserve manner, ensuring the same best-in-class assurance that their clients rely on for custody. 

Easy & Fast Staking Integration

Blockdaemon offers a simple and rapid integration process to start securing staking rewards as soon as possible. Let Blockdaemon accelerate your staking speed-to-market, via BitGo.

Maximize Your Sui Staking Rewards with Blockdaemon Today

Staking has emerged as the permissionless, decentralized, reward-generating core of the Proof-of-Stake blockchain ecosystem, offering exciting opportunities to secure staking rewards.

By choosing Blockdaemon as your staking provider via BitGo's full custody, compliant Proof-of-Stake solution, clients can reap the benefits of staking without the risks or overheads.

Leveraging Blockdaemon's high-assurance infrastructure, BitGo gives clients access to a reliable and seamless staking experience.

By staking through Blockdaemon via BitGo, clients can enjoy a convenient way of getting staking rewards without researching multiple validators or self-staking. Clients do not have to manage their own wallet software either.

Blockdaemon radically reduces the barrier to entry for institutional staking. 

Interested in maximizing your Sui staking rewards? Choose Blockdaemon as your staking provider via BitGo and start today.


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