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Konstantin Richter Joins MobileCoin’s Technical Advisory Committee

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Sep 15, 2020

We’re excited to announce that our founder and CEO Konstantin Richter has been appointed to MobileCoin’s technical advisory committee.

MobileCoin builds the high performance payments technology that is revolutionizing the way society conducts transactions, and comprehensive support for the MobileCoin protocol is already offered on the Blockdaemon marketplace.

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Blockdaemon is also one of the founding members of the MobileCoin Foundation, an organization dedicated to building a next-generation payments platform through the development of the MobileCoin protocol and its surrounding ecosystem.We’re delighted to further strengthen the strong links between Blockdaemon and MobileCoin with Konstantin’s appointment to the MobileCoin technical advisory committee.

As a serial-entrepreneur, Konstantin brings high level expertise to the committee, having built multiple B2B and SaaS companies from the ground up, with a focus on blockchain, complex data-models and cloud native architecture.

Blockdaemon is also proud to support MobileCoin’s mission in building the payments systems of tomorrow. MobileCoin aims to make cryptocurrency transactions quick and easy for everyone, while still preserving privacy and decentralization.

To achieve this, MobileCoin is designed for messaging apps like Signal and WhatsApp, where fast and secure transactions can take place on mobile devices in which private keys never leave the user’s device. To learn more about MobileCoin and request early access to the MobileCoin testnet, please visit our marketplace.


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