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Jakob Pagter: Vice President of Multiparty Computation at Blockdaemon

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Sep 7, 2023
Meet Jakob Pagter, VP at Blockdaemon from Denmark, he is renowned in digital security with a PhD from Aarhus University. With 20 years' experience, he's transformed sectors like the Danish Sugar Beet Auction using MPC. Co-founder of Partisia Blockchain, his work, and roles have shaped the digital security landscape.

Hailing from Midtjylland, Denmark, Jakob Pagter is an individual whose name has become inseparable from digital security. Holding the position of Vice President of Multiparty Computation at Blockdaemon, Jakob has a PhD in computer science from Aarhus University and has 20 years of experience in developing advanced security solutions based on Multiparty Computation and other cryptographic techniques.

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Jakob stands as a pivotal figure in the groundbreaking implementation of secure multi-party computation (MPC) across a number of commercial settings. 

A Strong Academic Foundation: Aarhus University

Jakob Pagter's impressive scholarship can be traced back to his time at Aarhus University, the world's leading institution for cryptography according to CS Rankings. Here, Jakob honed his skills, laying a solid academic and research foundation in the realm of digital security and cryptography.

Having contributed to more than 40 published academic works, Pagter's dedication to advancing the sphere of digital security is unyielding. One such example includes "Secure Multiparty Computation Goes Live", a highly acclaimed publication that explores practical applications of secure multiparty computation, attracting over seven hundred citations. 

Pagter's scholarly outputs, encapsulating dense knowledge and breakthrough understandings, continue to inspire and inform both academic and professional spheres of digital security.

Danish Sugar Beet Auction - A Game Changer

An integral part of the team behind the revolutionary Danish Sugar Beet Auction of 2008, Jakob's expertise helped make a significant mark in the annals of digital transformation within the agriculture and trade sectors.

In the wake of European Union sugar market policy reforms and significant challenges faced by the Danish sugar beet industry, a transformative solution was imperative. The team Jakob was a part of chose to leverage the promise of MPC technology, laying the groundwork for the Danish Sugar Beet Auction.

In what became the first large-scale, practical application of MPC, the auction seamlessly incorporated various stakeholders: Danisco, Denmark's sole sugar beets processor, the national sugar beet growers' association, and a research group tasked with overseeing the computation. 

But what was truly innovative was the underlying principle: instead of resorting to an external consultancy - an approach both costly and potentially insecure - the team utilized MPC to maintain the confidentiality of farmers' bids from Danisco. Such an approach not only protected farmers' sensitive economic positions but also considerably slashed the expenses associated with the auction process.

Feedback from auction participants further underscored the project's success. An overwhelming 80% emphasized the importance of bid confidentiality. And beyond conceptual achievement, the auction operationalized the transfer of a staggering 25 thousand tons of production rights between farmers, all within the span of 30 minutes for computation.

Leadership Roles and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Jakob Pagter's professional pursuits and entrepreneurship are evident in his co-founding efforts at Sepior, Partisia and Partisia Blockchain

Partisia Blockchain is a trailblazer in the realm of Distributed Trust, dedicated to establishing a cutting-edge Web 3.0 infrastructure that eliminates any single point of trust. Partisia represents an intersection of talent and determination, where passionate professionals dedicated to digital security converge. 

These ventures provide a deep insight into Jakob's commitment to the development of advanced solutions for digital security. He brings this experience to his current role at Blockdaemon, a leading blockchain infrastructure provider. As the Vice President of Multiparty Computation, his technical prowess is a cornerstone of the company's MPC solutions.

Impacts Beyond the Professional Sphere

In addition to his pivotal contributions in the startup and corporate world, Jakob's influence flows into wider industry and national-level initiatives. As a board member of the Danish Council for Digital Security, his input shapes policies and strategies on a national level, helping in the evolution of Denmark's digital security landscape.

Moreover, his involvement in the Information Security Committee at DI - Dansk Industri reaffirms Jakob's dedication to advancing information security standards and practices.

A Digital Security Expert with a Vision

In conclusion, Jakob Pagter sets himself apart as an adept professional, committed to solving complex digital security challenges. His professional experience and entrepreneurial mindset reflect a future-oriented vision that significantly contributes to Blockdaemon's success and the broader digital security ecosystem. Jakob’s steadfast dedication and innovation continue to reshape the security landscape, one advancement at a time.


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