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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Institutional Wallet with MPC?

Nov 1, 2022

The current market slowdown has given institutions an opportunity to make overdue upgrades to their infrastructure - including their wallets.

Wallets that were good enough to get them into the market may not compete, let alone thrive in the next crypto wave.

As more traditional financial institutions enter the market, we anticipate increased expectations in the realm of digital asset security and accessibility.For some companies, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and start over with a clean slate, but for others an upgrade to their key management is all that’s required. Either way, Blockdaemon has you covered!

But let’s start by investigating the opportunity to improve your existing wallet technology.

Blockdaemon recently acquired Sepior, the market leader in secure multiparty computation (MPC) based digital asset key management and protection technology.

Sepior introduced the world’s first MPC wallet in 2018, and this MPC technology currently underpins wallet security for many of the world’s largest exchanges, banks, and custodians. This same technology is available and ready to integrate using SDKs and libraries to upgrade your wallet to maximize both security and accessibility.

Upgrade Your Wallet With the Advanced MPC TSM

We get it. Over recent years you’ve put in countless hours to develop, integrate and provide optimal linkages between your crypto wallets and all of your systems, customers, assets, and third party resources.

But the MultiSig and/or hardware security module (HSM) key management approach and multiparty approval policy enforcement is simply too inefficient and inflexible to support the rapidly expanding array of digital asset types.

The Advanced MPC Threshold Security Module (TSM) is the ideal solution for upgrading your existing wallet.

The Advanced MPC TSM is a self-hosted, virtualized key management, protection, and transaction signing solution.

The entire software solution is designed to run in virtually any compute environment to give you maximum operational flexibility. This includes containers, virtual machines, and even mobile devices. API connectivity to your wallet makes this next generation key management and protection available to you without any specialized hardware requirements or logistical dependencies.

Integration with Sepior’s Advanced MPC TSM is done through easy-to-use SDK libraries to enable key management and transaction signing for existing hot, warm, and cold wallets for any custodial model including full, shared, and self custody.

Reduce Friction and Fees With Advanced MPC(™)

Advanced MPC provides you with cryptographic multiparty approval enforcement, like you had with MultiSig, only better.

Unlike MultiSig, MPC operates off-chain to enforce flexible m of n quorum approvals.

This off-chain capability has numerous benefits such as the ability to change individual approvers and replace MPC key shares without having to execute an on-chain transaction to update policies.

While MultiSig generates multiple signatures that each have to be recorded on-chain using smart contracts, MPC generates a single signature. Single signatures are universally supported by every blockchain protocol - without the requirement for smart contracts.

This enables uniform policy enforcement across all or your digital asset types. It also reduces your transaction gas/mining fees, by eliminating the added cost and complexity of quorum approval smart contracts.

Test Drive the Advanced MPC TSM Yourself

While you will ultimately host your own Advanced MPC TSM as part of your wallet, we have a hosted TSM environment available for you to test drive and evaluate today.

We suggest you start by downloading the data sheet and registering for your access to our SDK evaluation system to learn more. Advanced MPC TSM Data Sheet Registration LinkAdvanced MPC TSM SDK Evaluation Request


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