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Introducing Ubiquity V1: The Most Advanced Blockchain API

Product Updates
Jun 16, 2022

Blockdaemon is excited to announce Ubiquity V1. This new and improved version of our Ubiquity API suite is now available to customers.

Ubiquity V1 replaces your previously used Beta version V2 / V3 endpoints.If you are a Ubiquity customer, it is critical that you update to this new version as soon as possible. After August 12, these old Beta version V2 / V3 endpoints will no longer be available. Your Ubiquity service will not work if not updated past this point.Ubiquity V1 unifies many exciting improvements that have been made to the API suite, creating a single, seamless user experience and marking a new chapter in Ubiquity’s product journey.

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Blockdaemon’s world-class blockchain engineering team has re-built Ubiquity to provide an  even stronger blockchain foundation than ever before.

How to Get Started with Ubiquity V1

If you’re an existing Ubiquity user, you need to migrate your integration over to V1.

To do this, just change the API version number in the Ubiquity endpoint calls from your previous version (either V2 or V3) to V1. This must be done before the old versions are deactivated. This change must be made to the Blocks, Transactions and Account endpoints. After migrating to the new code base to the new V1 format, users will enjoy all the benefits of Ubiquity V1 at no extra cost.

If you’re new to Ubiquity you can start using the API today, for free.

Get started with Ubiquity in only 60 seconds.

Why Did We Build Ubiquity V1?

Ubiquity is a core pillar of Blockdaemon’s complete ‘node stack’. This stack connects businesses and devs to blockchains with one single integration. It is therefore essential that Ubiquity continues to evolve and provide our users with the world’s most advanced blockchain API suite.

How Will Ubiquity V1 Users Benefit?

With Ubiquity users will soon enjoy improved performance and usability.

Ubiquity V1 Enhances Filtering Capabilities

Our new Ubiquity V1 will allow for enhanced filtering capabilities. Specifically, there will be a greater ability to add filtering of different transactions going forward across chains such as BTC, LTC and BCH. Additionally, balances are all supported in Ubiquity V1.

Ubiquity V1 Reduces Latency

With this iteration, Blockdaemon reduces API latency for users. We achieve this by taking a standardized endpoint approach across all protocols we serve. By reducing latency, Blockdaemon’s engineers further empower customers to build highly performant solutions based on the Ubiquity API.

Ubiquity V1 Provides Better UTXO Handling

UTXO is the accounting model for many of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies. Ubiquity V1 will allow better handling of UTXO based protocols. This includes Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin. All of these are currently supported by Ubiquirty.

Ubiquity V1 Has Improved Usability

With this update, Ubiquity V1 ensures that every supported protocol has the same format. Before this, ETH and BTC were different. By streamlining the formats across all protocols, Blockdaemon engineers have designed a better user experience for developers.

Ubiquity V1 - A Step Forward in Blockchain APIs

For years, Blockdaemon’s engineers have crafted the best blockchain API possible. Our newest Ubiquity V1 iteration marks a new step forward for our gold-standard API. Soon, Ubiquity users will benefit from a better API experience.

By running Ubiquity V1, your services will ensure smooth and continuous performance, bolstered by a fully maintained, supported API suite. We are proud to roll out this exciting update. It is now available for all Ubiquity customers.

Access to Ubiquity will continue to be granted through Blockdaemon’s app. In the meantime, stay up to date by following Blockdaemon on Twitter, or feel free to read our in-depth Ubiquity documentation.


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