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Introducing Exciting New Features to the Ethereum Staking Dashboard

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Apr 7, 2023
Blockdaemon is excited to unveil a range of innovative Ethereum staking features within our user-friendly dashboard.

Blockdaemon is excited to unveil a range of innovative Ethereum staking features within our user-friendly dashboard.

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We are committed to demystifying blockchain and making the staking process as easy as possible for our customers. As the world leader in blockchain infrastructure, we are constantly building tools to simplify all things blockchain.

Our enhanced staking dashboard delivers real-time metrics, precise reporting data, and comprehensive portfolio visibility. In addition to supporting  ETH Mainnet, we are excited to offer Testnet staking reporting for Ethereum. This feature empowers users to trial staking on Ethereum's Goerli Testnet, evaluate staking rewards, and confidently proceed with staking real ETH.

What are the new features?

Monitor MEV (Maximum Extractable Value) and Transaction Fees

One of the key features of our new staking dashboard is the ability to monitor MEV and transaction fee rewards. MEV, or "Maximum Extractable Value," is a crucial part of the Ethereum ecosystem that allows validators to optimize their rewards by strategically selecting specific transactions for inclusion in their blocks. Our staking dashboard now tracks MEV and transaction fees, allowing users to keep track of all types of ETH staking rewards in real-time.

A New Validator Status

We have also introduced a new validator status feature that highlights a rare event known as "slashed." This feature alerts users in a timely manner in the event that their staked funds are at risk of being slashed. This added layer of security is an important step towards making staking more secure and user-friendly.

Monitoring your token rewards

Our token reward monitoring system tracks on-chain metrics to identify exactly when users are rewarded with tokens on a daily basis. The dashboard highlights whenever new rewards are generated on the blockchain for each linked address. Using a simple graph, users can clearly see their rewards and financial performance over time. It is important to note that rewards that haven’t been distributed on-chain will not be visible on the graph. And the staking rewards database will be refreshed every day at 00:00 UTC.

The total balance topline feature of the dashboard shows users their overall Ethereum portfolio and the associated USD equivalent. This allows users to gauge the current value of their portfolio in both crypto and fiat. With an easy-to-understand graph, users can easily see their financial performance over time. As the value of their portfolio increases, users will see this reflected in the graph.

Wrapping up

At Blockdaemon, we are proud to be the proof-of-stake experts. Our new staking dashboard provides the most value for our customers and offers a streamlined staking experience across multiple protocols. We encourage our customers to provide feedback and ideas for new features they would like to see. We are committed to providing the best possible staking experience for our customers and the blockchain community at large, whether it be using our staking reporting API for financial analysis or secure validator nodes.


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