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Introducing Blockdaemon’s Staking API - Oct 2022

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Oct 28, 2022

Blockdaemon is proud to announce the release of our Staking API, one API to streamline your staking deployment, starting with Ethereum, Solana, and Polkadot. With this release, Blockdaemon further connects institutions to the Proof-of Stake ecosystem with one single integration. This Staking API gives institutions, such as custodians, exchanges, and asset managers, a secure and scalable staking integration. The Proof-of-Stake industry has grown rapidly in recent years. With this growth comes added complexity. Today, the barriers to entry for institutional staking remain high. Blockdaemon’s Staking API eliminates many of the hurdles that institutions face when accessing Proof-of-Stake protocols. We allow clients to seamlessly add staking and reporting functionality to their platforms. Blockdaemon can power your staking infrastructure.    

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What is a Staking API?

A Staking API enables clients to use a standardized and trusted API to automate staking transaction signing, and enables the scaling up of validator nodes on Proof-of-Stake networks over time.

Streamlining Institutional Staking

Blockdaemon’s Staking API enables you to begin staking, securely and scalably. Traditionally, staking consumes large engineering resources, time, and requires in-depth protocol knowledge. All of this carries a heavy opportunity cost. Any additional setup time sacrifices potential staking rewards. Blockdaemon’s Staking API greatly simplifies institutional staking for you. Our Staking Integration API lowers the time it takes to get staking rewards, while cutting costs and reducing errors. By using the Staking API, institutions can easily stake on Proof-of-Stake networks at scale. This integration offers significant benefits to institutions:

  • Simple staking integration: Start staking with a single API request. Greatly reduce your engineering effort and time needed to stake. Easily integrate the Staking API with your custodian of choice
  • Faster speed-to-market: Power your staking with Blockdaemon generated transactions. Eliminate the need for your teams to generate transactions, and increase your speed to market. Accelerate access to staking rewards for both you and your clients
  • Highly scalable: Easily scale your staking with an on-hand inventory of staking nodes, just for you. Get high-quality validators, served to you with a single API call, fully automated. This gives you the flexibility to scale on-demand
  • Robust and resilient: Get highly resilient 99.9% node uptime. Request multiple Ethereum validators with one single transaction, dramatically cutting your gas fees, powered by a fully audited and robust smart contract
  • Security first: Benefit from staking that is secure by default. Get a 100% slashing insurance guarantee, backed by ISO 27001 Certification. Our team of expert engineers ensure your validators are monitored 24/7

Staking Reporting API

To complement the Staking API, Blockdaemon also offers a Staking Reporting API. This API is on-hand to serve your financial data analysis needs. The Staking Reporting API removes many of the hassles you face in accessing staking information from multiple protocols. The benefits of this Staking Reporting API include:

  • On-demand data: The API queries data from all validators on a network, including historical data
  • Faster data availability: Data becomes available twenty minutes after the end of the day
  • Enhanced functionality: We offer enhanced functionality, specifically for Eth MEV & rewards

Blockdaemon’s Staking Reporting API is aligned with your financial reporting standards. Epoch, daily, weekly, and monthly reporting is live. Check out Blockdaemon's docs to learn how to get started with the Staking API for Ethereum and Solana today.Our goal is to simplify staking and staking reporting. This helps institutions spend less time managing infrastructure and more time focusing on what they do best.

Start Staking Today with Ease

Blockdaemon is the industry leader of institutional grade blockchain infrastructure. We’re proud to offer this new API to our clients. Blockdaemon’s Staking API is the ultimate turnkey solution for your institutional staking needs. It is an excellent way to both save resources and improve efficiency within your business. Any extra staking time to market carries a real economic cost, for both an institution and their clients. The longer the delay, the higher the chances of missing out on all-important staking rewards. Replace your manual validator deployments with our Staking API. Contact Blockdaemon today to get started today.

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