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Introducing Blockdaemon’s Solana Staking API

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Dec 21, 2022

Blockdaemon is proud to announce the launch of our Solana Staking API, one API to simplify your Solana staking deployment. With this API, we further connect institutions to the blockchain economy with one single integration.

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This innovative Staking API gives institutions, such as custodians, exchanges, and asset managers, a secure and scalable staking integration for Solana. It removes many of the challenges that institutions face today when accessing Solana staking. Blockdaemon now enables customers to easily and seamlessly add Solana staking and reporting functionality to their offerings.

What is the Blockdaemon Solana Staking API?

This API streamlines the Solana staking process by simplifying validator provisioning. The Solana Staking API simplifies staking to a single call, and extends the signing time indefinitely.The API outputs a single unsigned transaction, which a customer just needs to sign and broadcast to the network. This supports agnostic transaction signing, using whichever custodian the customer chooses.

How Does the Blockdaemon Solana Staking API Work?

The Solana Staking API is extremely simple to use, and operates in the following way:

  1. The Solana Staking API creates your stake account
  2. One total transaction is created
  3. Sign when you’re ready; no need to sign during specific signing windows

To unstake SOL, the Solana Staking API automatically deactivates Stake Accounts based on the amount of SOL to be unstaked.  

Streamlining Institutional Solana Staking

Our newest Staking API lets customers start staking Solana, securely and reliably.

Traditionally, Solana staking requires a lot of manual setup and maintenance time. If a company chooses to run their own validator infrastructure in-house, they will need to handle the following three, non-trivial issues:

  • Solana Requires High-Specification Validator Nodes: Solana validator nodes need high-quality hardware. Running on substandard machines has no chance of reaching the necessary level of performance to get staking rewards. If you can’t keep up with the rest of the network, you will lose out. If you are running a mission-critical staking operation, you can’t afford to miss out on rewards
  • Node Maintenance is Time Consuming: Solana validator nodes also require constant monitoring and uptime. These responsibilities grow exponentially as a company scales their staking services
  • Avoiding Solana Slashing: Solana staking is subject to slashing. If this occurs, a company may be subject to a potential loss of rewards, users, or a damaged reputation

Outsourcing Solana staking infrastructure allows teams to be efficient and focused on their core business platform. As a business, you can also save developer time that would otherwise be spent on managing node engineering resources.By using the Solana Staking API, you immediately benefit from the following:

  • Zero Validator Node Maintenance: Blockdaemon engineers handle all validator node maintenance and updates on your behalf, to provide you with a reliable, expert service
  • Secure Staking: Benefit from Solana staking that is secure by default. Get a 100% slashing insurance guarantee, backed by ISO 27001 Certification. Our team of expert engineers ensure your validators are monitored 24/7
  • Faster speed-to-market: Increase your speed to market with Blockdaemon generated transactions. Accelerate access to staking rewards for both you and your clients

Rather than having to worry about infrastructure challenges, Blockdaemon lets you access Solana staking as a single API service.

Solana Staking Reporting API

To complement the Solana Staking API, Blockdaemon also offers a Solana Staking Reporting API.

This API is here to serve your data analysis requirements. The Staking Reporting API removes many of the obstacles you face in accessing staking reward information from the Solana protocol. Importantly, you get on-demand Solana staking data.

The API queries data from all Solana validators on a network. You can get the current or historical stake & rewards allocated to given delegator and validator addresses and other data. Blockdaemon’s Staking Reporting API is aligned with your financial reporting goals.

Our goal is to simplify staking and staking reporting. This helps institutions spend less time managing infrastructure and more time focusing on what they do best.

Start Staking Solana Today

Blockdaemon is the industry leader of institutional grade blockchain infrastructure. We’re proud to offer this new API to our customers.

Blockdaemon’s Solana Staking API is the ideal turnkey staking solution for your institutional staking needs. It is a great way to both save valuable resources and improve efficiency within your business. Any extra staking time to market carries a real economic cost, for both an institution and their clients.

The longer the delay, the higher the chances of missing out on all-important staking rewards. Replace your manual validator deployments with our Solana Staking API.

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