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Introducing Blockdaemon’s New Ubiquity NFT API

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Mar 24, 2022

Access to quality data is vital for NFT apps. However, this data is hard to get hold of.

It is fragmented across web3 and web2 sources, and often guarded by marketplaces. Without an API, access to consistent NFT data is practically impossible.

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Blockdaemon now provides a single integration into Ethereum NFT data.

We have simplified and streamlined your access to on-chain and off-chain Ethereum NFT data. With Ubiquity, institutions can easily access data faster and cheaper than ever before. Ubiquity is the most convenient way to plug-in to NFT information, rather than managing this ever-changing dataset yourself.

Ubiquity NFT API is now open for Private Beta access.The Ubiquity NFT API is currently Private Beta with limited availability.

Access to the program requires application and approval. If you’re interested in easy access to NFT data, start your application by clicking the button below. Click here to apply for access. Read on to learn how Ubiquity NFT API removes your data headaches.

Ubiquity NFT API: Built for Simplicity & Performance

Blockdaemon’s Ubiquity NFT API is designed for simplicity and performance.


Our Ubiquity NFT API makes developers’ lives easier. With a few simple endpoints, you can retrieve information about:

  • Ethereum NFT assets
  • Ethereum NFT collections
  • Ethereum NFT events

The API also supports advanced querying and filtering. This gives institutions a highly flexible NFT API for retrieving robust and correct NFT data. Our gold-standard docs and tutorials help devs at every step.


Our Ubiquity NFT API is built for performance. It is engineered for maximum uptime, providing peace of mind for mission-critical apps and services. Our battle-tested API infrastructure ensures that you get the reliable, performant service you need, at scale. Our Ubiquity NFT API is built for both industrial and small scale apps alike. With this API, you can access the data you need rapidly and at scale, without ever needing to host your own infrastructure. All powered by our powerful Ubiquity API suite.

Get Started Today, Simplify Your NFT Experience with Ubiquity

NFTs are transforming the world of digital and physical assets. The vast, untapped opportunities that lay within NFTs drive the demand for reliable, accurate data. Ubiquity NFT API can rapidly improve the way institutions and individuals interact with NFTs.With our innovative NFT API solution, we empower you to build the next wave of powerful NFT apps. Our bank of developer resources, 24/7 support and constant uptime are here to support you on this journey.

How can you get started?

The Ubiquity NFT API Private Beta is now open as a limited availability program. Click here to apply for access.


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