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Introducing Blockdaemon's Indexed-Data Powered API Suite

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Mar 13, 2024
Blockdaemon introduces an upgraded API suite, enhancing user experience with event streaming and more.

Introducing Blockdaemon's indexed-data powered API suite, simplifying blockchain protocol adoption for faster scaling and institutional business.

Unlock the power of our API suite at today, or read on to discover how our enhanced suite can elevate your business operations.

Accelerating Blockchain Integration for Institutions

Blockdaemon’s indexed-data powered API suite accelerates blockchain integration for institutions by offering: 

  • A Unified API Format Across Chains: A single REST API suite unifies blockchain data into a consistent format, enabling efficient access to 15 protocols.
  • Rapid Market Entry & Expansion: Our standardized format accelerates protocol adoption by 20x, significantly reducing time and infrastructure costs.
  • Superior Performance: Enjoy data retrieval speeds 10x faster than traditional native node querying, enhancing operational efficiency.

What’s New? 

Indexed Data Experiences

Our indexed data-powered API suite delivers scalable solutions across three new experiences: Wallet Transact, Chain Watch, and Verify. Each serves a unique need for our clients. Together, these tools form a comprehensive solution for today's institutional indexed data needs. 

1. Wallet Transact

The ultimate API toolbox for internal and consumer wallet applications.

  1. Optimize Institutional Wallet Operations: Equip your wallet applications, whether internal or consumer-focused, with a full suite of operational functionalities.
  1. End-to-End Transaction Management: Streamline every aspect of the transaction journey, from fee estimation and initiation to completion, for enhanced cost-effectiveness and operational ease.
  1. Extensive Protocol Support: Benefit from broad protocol compatibility, including UTXO-based tokens with our indexed APIs, standardizing blockchain operations across diverse digital assets.

2. Chain Watch

Ensure real-time synchronization of your wallet and finance systems with on-chain events. Stream real-time data to your institution with Chain Watch.

  1. Stream On-Chain Events: Gain immediate visibility into blockchain activities, enabling institutions to update their systems and provide up-to-date data to end-user applications.
  1. Comprehensive Event Monitoring: Subscribe to and receive comprehensive alerts for wallet activities, transaction updates, and block confirmations.
  1. Seamless Integration: Integrate Chain Watch with ease. Use our subscription endpoint for prompt event notifications via webhooks.
  1. Reliable Event Delivery: Chain Watch ensures successful message delivery with our retry mechanisms and a buffer of ten thousand events.

3. Verify

Your trusted source for historical blockchain data - perfect for compliance, reconciliation, and auditing.

Verify offers historical blockchain token and balance data, ideal for reconciling balances with custodian accounts and providing audit teams the data they need with minimal engineering effort. Obtain full traceability with Verify.

On Ethereum, for example, key endpoints include: 

  1. Historical Account Balances: Reliable balance data for accurate asset reporting.
  1. Historical Token Price: Ensure accurate conversion to your institution’s functional currency.
  1. Historical Staking PRR: Obtain benchmark rates of return from our validators.

Improved In-App Experience

Blockdaemon's web app offers a streamlined purchase process, offering both experiences and individual products. With flexible bundles, opt for full experiences or mix-and-match components for your ideal solution.

Unlock the Power of Indexed Data

Explore the full power of indexed data by visiting to begin. 

For a deeper dive into our solutions or to discuss how we can tailor our services to your needs, please reach out to us. Contact the Blockdaemon team at [email protected] for more information. 


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