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Introducing Blockdaemon’s DeFi API

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Jun 4, 2024
Blockdaemon's DeFi API simplifies DeFi interactions, enhances liquidity management, offers unified asset tools, and caters to B2B2C and institutional needs.

Today, we introduce the Blockdaemon DeFi API, the complete institutional solution for seamless, secure, and efficient Web3 DeFi services.

At launch, Blockdaemon’s DeFi API supports 21 of the industry’s leading blockchains, and over 40 DeFi protocols. Our API ensures institutions can navigate decentralized finance (DeFi) with ease and speed.

Stargate Integration

Blockdaemon’s DeFi API allows DeFi users to perform flexible swaps of native assets on Stargate, a cross chain liquidity protocol, across different blockchains in a single transaction. This integration makes our API the exclusive gateway for accessing Stargate’s community-owned unified liquidity pools. Stargate will be the sole bridge utilized for the Blockdaemon DeFi API.

What is Stargate?

Stargate serves as the premier decentralized application built upon the innovative LayerZero protocol. As a pioneering asset bridge, Stargate enables seamless cross-chain liquidity transfers with a unique capability: direct swaps of native tokens across different blockchains—no intermediary tokens required. For instance, users can effortlessly exchange USDC on Ethereum for USDT on BNB Chain in a single transaction. Stargate revolutionizes the concept of liquidity with its unified liquidity pool, which is shared across all integrated chains, enhancing efficiency and ensuring instant guaranteed finality.

Supported Chains

Our DeFi API initially supports Ethereum, Optimism, Base, Arbitrum One, Avalanche C-Chain, Polygon, zkSync Era, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon zkEVM, Moonbeam, Gnosis, Linea, Celo, Mantle, Fuse, Fantom Opera, Scroll, Kava, Moonriver, Aurora, and Metis. 

Key Features

1. Simplified DeFi Interactions: Our API reduces complexity and technical barriers, making DeFi interactions easier.

2. Improved Liquidity Management: Users gain better control over liquidity and asset flexibility across platforms.

3. Unified Asset Management Tool: Our API offers a single tool for managing assets, removing the need for multiple interfaces.

4. B2B2C and Institutional Capabilities: Our API is suitable for both business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C)  and institutional customers.

Why Choose Blockdaemon’s DeFi API?

Blockdaemon’s DeFi API offers a single access point to a wide range of DeFi services. Institutional customers will benefit from our focused and scalable solutions, enabling them to build or enhance DeFi-related products and services.

For more information and to get started, please contact our sales team.


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