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How We’re Supporting Evmos with Reliable Blockchain Infrastructure

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Dec 21, 2021

Blockdaemon is proud to support Evmos with industry-leading blockchain infrastructure.

Infrastructure is the bedrock of every blockchain. High-quality nodes are the foundation of a decentralised community. They are the pillars on which developers build and delegators stake. Now, we at Blockdaemon will allow the Evmos community to leverage our leading blockchain infrastructure to drive the success of the Evmos ecosystem. Specifically, we will be supporting the Evmos community with access to reliable and secure high-availability (HA) RPC clusters and our validator-as-a-service node infrastructure offering. In this post, we’ll take you through exactly how Blockdaemon adds value to Evmos.

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Supporting Evmos with High-Availability RPC Clusters

What are Blockdaemon’s high-availability RPC clusters and how do they add value to Evmos? A Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is the most straightforward form of an API. It allows developers to communicate to a server to remotely execute code.

It is very similar to a function call, but between two different systems. Before we continue, it’s worth noting that in the blockchain ecosystem, we generally refer to servers as nodes.

Due to their simplicity, RPCs give developers a lot of freedom interacting with the blockchain.

RPCs provide easy access to blockchain nodes. However, for a project to maintain an Evmos node would take away from developers’ valuable time. We at Blockdaemon offer Evmos developers an easy way to connect to the blockchain.

This eliminates the need to maintain, monitor and manage an Evmos node. This frees up time for developers to focus on what they do best. Furthermore, our HA offering allows nodes to handle high amounts of traffic.

Blockdaemon will provide our high-availability (HA) RPC cluster infrastructure to the Evmos community. EVM developers will enjoy resilient, fault-tolerant nodes with 99.99% uptime. Through this, Blockdaemon will help pave the way for a wave of scalable, robust dApps, all supported on-chain. Blockdaemon’s Evmos nodes will provide JSON-RPC API access to the blockchain, and Websocket to connect dApps.

If your primary use case is querying data from, or writing information to Evmos, then JSON-RPC access is the best option for you. This is true whether you are a developer, data scientist, wallet provider, custodian, or an IT-department providing the aforementioned with the required resources. This innovative HA offering will be rolled-out to the developer community imminently after the mainnet launch in early January 2022.

Supporting Evmos with Blockdaemon’s Validator-as-a-Service Infrastructure Platform

Blockdaemon will also allow community members easy access to participate in the Evmos proof-of-stake paradigm. Proof-of-stake is at the core of Evmos.

As a Tendermint based protocol, it leverages this innovative consensus engine to deliver fast-finality at scale.

Specifically, community members will be able to run their own validator nodes. Validator nodes are central to the staking process, and are necessary for the decentralized network to run. These validator nodes will be hosted on Blockdaemon’s node infrastructure platform. This significantly simplifies the process of spinning-up a node. Running a validator node won’t require technical expertise or access to expensive hardware. Both technical know-how and access to suitable infrastructure is typically needed to run a Tendermint based validator.

Blockdaemon’s safe, reliable node infrastructure on-ramp brings easy access for community members to begin validating.

Blockdaemon: Supporting Evmos’ Success

We at Blockdaemon are proud to support the success of Evmos through our best-in-class blockchain offerings. By using Blockdaemon’s infrastructure, developers will build services on a granite foundation of reliability and security.

Our four layers of risk mitigation prevent node failures and slashing, while our expert team of engineers guarantee constant uptime. Validators who use Blockdaemon’s nodes are 100% covered with Blockdaemon’s slashing insurance policy.

Any slashing event due to Blockdaemon’s node malfunctions is totally covered by us. However, our track record means that the community is in good hands, with exceptional, enterprise grade security all in-house. We look forward to a long and prosperous future with Evmos, supporting their mission-critical infrastructure and delivering value for the community.  

We are excited for Blockdaemon to support Evmos, allowing developers quick access to highly available full nodes and validator nodes to run the necessary infrastructure for their smart contracts on Evmos.

  • Federico Kunze Küllmer, Co-Founder of Evmos

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