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How to Maximize Control Over Your Digital Asset Wallet

Oct 6, 2022

Control and assured business continuity are increasingly important for regulated services, customers and shareholders.

With third-party hosted wallets or Wallet-as-a-Service (WaaS) providers, maximizing control over your own wallet can be difficult. With a third-party wallet or WaaS you can run into challenges such as a temporary loss of access. One example of this can be seen when a WaaS provider is shut down due to a hack, government intervention, or insolvency.

Getting access and control over your wallet can become painstakingly difficult and take weeks or even months to resolve. Additionally, with a WaaS provider, you depend on their infrastructure for uptime, added performance and customer service availability.

Fortunately, the Sepior by Blockdaemon Advanced MPC (multi-party computation) Wallet provides self-sustainability and control. You can rest assured that you have maximum custody over your digital asset wallet. Anytime, anywhere.

5 Ways the Advanced MPC Wallet Gives You Control Over Your Wallet Infrastructure

The Advanced MPC wallet maximizes your control over wallet infrastructure, keys, wallet roadmap, performance, services and business continuity.

1. The Advanced MPC wallet gives you maximum control over your wallet hosting capabilities

Most custodians are highly regulated or licensed. Regulated custody services require the custodian to be in complete control of the customer's keys and wallet infrastructure. This regulation typically means the wallet infrastructure must be self-hosted, versus a service hosted by a third-party wallet provider that could potentially have access to some or all of your key shares.

The Advanced MPC Wallet and TSM (Threshold Security Modules) are fully self-hosted, meaning you can decide how you want to run your software. This can include nodes running on-premises, in public clouds, in private clouds or a combination.

2. The Advanced MPC wallet gives you maximum control over key shares and custody

Achieving licensed and regulated custody status varies across markets. Providers may have to offer different custody models in different markets, full custody in some, shared custody in others. In addition, you may want to setup your own self-custody infrastructure.

The Advanced MPC wallet and TSM give you complete discretion over who hosts your key shares and where, giving you maximum flexibility and control to address any requirement.

3. The Advanced MPC wallet gives you maximum control over your wallet roadmap

With WaaS, customers get what everyone else gets. Most customers have very little influence over what features and token support gets added and when.

The Advanced MPC TSM allows customers to do their own wallet integration with various tokens, so they have full control over their protocol roadmap.

4. The self-hosted nature of the Advanced MPC wallet means we can enable and support new features based on your individual wallet requirements. The Advanced MPC wallet gives you maximum control over your service/SLAs

When using a hosted WaaS, everyone is running on the same infrastructure. Throughput and performance latency can be materially impacted by other loads on the system.

With the Advanced MPC wallet and TSM, you can spin up additional instances of the infrastructure to support isolated test environments, dedicate infrastructure to specific customers, add new service areas, scale capacity and performance.

This gives you greater control over these attributes and customer satisfaction.

5. The Advanced MPC wallet gives you maximum control over your service continuity

Wallet providers may become insolvent, shut down by regulators, or hacked, resulting in a lock over their entire infrastructure. If that happens, all customers could potentially experience a disruption of services.

Self-hosting your wallet infrastructure using Advanced MPC technology eliminates this risk, giving you complete control over the services and service continuity.

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